Though gifts on birthdays and Christmas are great, it’s the random one presented with no reason other than a “it reminded me of you” that are  undoubtedly the best ones 컴시간 알리미. I’m sure you know that I’m talking about. These sorts of gifts may not come often enough but when they do, they are the cause of many a good day and wide permagrins Download more than flowers. With this credo held closely to the heart, Things for Whenever is armed with an arsenal of stationery and assorted items that colour the rainbow of quirkiness to spread the love for ‘no-occasion gifting’. 

The story behind Things for Whenever started out simply enough Download ireland. An avid collector of stamps, Aida Salleh found herself with boxes upon boxes of vintage pieces that often drew the attention of friends and collectors alike 윈도우xp 서비스팩3. Amassed from travels abroad, the stamps were Salleh’s gateway into the world of all things craft-friendly, and she soon turned her keen senses for quirky finds to stationery Download Microsoft Office for free.

Salleh demonstrates her new range of pop-up books and vintage stamps at Chic POP Street Market 6

That Salleh was a strong advocate of “no-occasion gifting”, a term she coined to describe gifts san reason, became the driving force behind the creation of Things for Whenever 월터 교수의 마지막 강의. Determined to spread the joy that come with such instances, the store came to life late last year in December 2010, making its debut at the Leftblock Junkyard Sale 자바 무료.

Cards with accompanying stickers for some personalization action

Sticky notes and an illustrated notebook from Junzo Terada, a Japanese artist

In a case of art imitating life, the wares available reflect Salleh’s love for all things quirky and colourful 클래시오브클랜 apk. The collection includes postcards, journals, greeting cards, labels, stickers, sticky notes and correspondence sets from Japan, America and Canada. Prices range from RM20 to RM120 for items Download the Hangouts pc version.

The Doodles Diet is one of Salleh’s personal favourite books

Though she may be doing this on the side at the moment, Salleh hopes to open a stationery cafe down the road in 2012 Download Triplanet. Celebrating good stationery in the comfort of coffee and bagels, I imagine it’ll become the perfect hub for all gifts without occasion, resulting in hopefully many more cheerful faces nationally!

Get your fill of stationery heaven at Things for Whenever.


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