In this age of high-tech technology, it has become easier for fashion labels to connect to their consumers. Be it through the label’s official website, Facebook or Twitter, we cannot deny the change that technology has brought to the world of fashion Download the Hangouts pc version. However, the world of digital advertising is very competitive and many fashion labels are coming up with more innovative ways to connect with their consumers Download Triplanet. The fashion label that happens to be at the forefront of merging innovative technology and fashion is non-other than Burberry Download the Map of Yemen.


This season marks the launch of Burberry’s completely interactive advertising campaign that allows innovative technology users to select and control view the campaign, cast and products C 언어 프로그램 다운로드. Motion responsive images and video can be clicked on, rotated, paused and dragged 180 degrees. With the sole purpose of bringing people closer to the collection, cast and location; individual products and cast are able to respond to user-controlled commands 구글 드라이브 다운로드. Now, this is what I call advertising on a whole new level!

Once again, Burberry is making fashion history by being the first to use this fully immersive and interactive technology for a global luxury fashion advertising campaign 오토캐드 학생용 무료. This reinforces the brand’s undeniable heritage, innovation and digital creativity. 14 images and 6 interactive videos showcased the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2010 collections to allow consumers to feel more a part of the label 소망체.

In the words of Burberry Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey:

This campaign protects our authentic and timeless heritage and evolves the modern way in which we communicate that Download Unity4. The Burberry campaigns have always been characterized by the dynamic British cast and I wanted to express the individuality and the energy behind each of their different creative expressions Sandol Gothic b. Burberry was founded on innovation and outerwear and I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the collections, the attitude, and the emotion captured.”

The campaign is now available on all Burberry digital platforms such as, Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter.  So start clicking away for a more interactive experience with Burberry 악성코드 파일!

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