The Grammy’s are three days away and we are all anticipating bizarre looks from the music industry, most notably Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga 네이버 글씨체 다운로드. Hopefully they will not disappoint what with the tight dress code: No cleavage, no butt cracks … No lapel pins?! (via Racked)

Marc-Jacob-Diet-CokeFollowing in the footsteps of  Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs is this year’s face of Diet Coke and he even took off his shirt in the process 파이어폭스에서 동영상. (via Grazia)

Have you ever dreamed of sitting in a Vogue café, sipping coffee and having a movie moment ark survival evolved 다운로드? No? Well, neither did we, but it seems like that dream will come true as there are deals of Condé Nast establishments in Bangkok and Singapore. (via Telegraph)

Kitty litter is apparently an effective way of cleansing deep pores Download Matrix 2. Really? (via Huffington Post)

Britain’s model of the year is moving in with Mick Jagger’s daughter 이승철 소원! (via Telegraph)

Dior-tumblrDior has hopped onto the Tumblr bandwagon just in time for fashion week Download Genius. Gorgeous photos in black and white, bedazzled lips and gifs of fashion shows. Need we say more? (via Lucky)

We are on the verge of New York Fashion Week and to make things even better, Racked has compiled a list of CFDA designers on Instagram authentic mahjong. All 166 of them. (via Racked)

Luxury labels are all geared up for the Lunar New Year 워크래프트3 1.29 패치. (via The Wall Street Journal)

As you may or may not have heard, multi-talented Karl Lagerfeld has his very own column in The Wall Street Journal magazine 알집 8.0. So, what can we expect from King Karl? (via Grazia)

Jennifer-LawrenceBefore The Hunger Games’ starlet became an actress, she was an Abercrombie & Fitch model Download the standard dictionary. But why didn’t she make the cut? (via The Cut)

And last but not least, we leave you with a fashion film that cannot be missed! (via Nylon)


Image credit: Grazia, Dior Tumblr, Zimbio