The Golden Globes was this week! While its red carpet looks and J-Law’s photobomb are still on everyone’s lips, can we just take a minute to make a PSA? Never neglect the importance of suncare and anti-ageing products! Note how well Amy Adams’ 40-year-old face fared against Zooey Deschanel should-be-fresh 34-year-old complexion 소나큐브. (via Telegraph)


The Met’s Costume Institute will be re-christened the Anna Wintour Costume Centre when it re-opens May 8th 2014. You know what that means? The biggest, baddest fashion launch party you’ll ever see in this lifetime – mark your calendars. (via The Daily Beast)

Blue Ivy Carter turned two 한컴 오피스 2010 se 뷰어. (via Popsugar)

The complete Peter Pilotto for Target lookbook is out, and it is perfection. Set to drop February 9th and featuring 70 kaleidoscopic items, for the first time, international shoppers’ll have the chance of getting their hands on a Target capsule via Net-A-Porter (should they not have any contacts across North America) Download hanyang university software. Bookmark this page. (via The Cut)


Amanda Bynes back to school ccm mp3? It’s always good to pursue a good education. You go, girl! Amanda enrolled at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) initially pursuing Fashion Design as her major, then changed her course to Fashion Merchandising. Was Fashion Design too difficult, Amanda? Trust me, we’re not judging. We know from experience. (via E Download Windows 10 Diablo2! Online)

It’s really interesting to see clothes modelled on something other than models, isn’t it? It’s refreshing for a change. I’ve always loved to play dress-up with my goofy canines but what Trussardi has done with the greyhounds in its latest Campaign photo shoot is just stunning, stunning, stunning Download internet explorer for free! (via Telegraph)


Another fashionable dog-related post! When you leave home dressed like a hobo, remember that there are dogs who carry themselves better than you. I am guilty of this. (Huffington Post)

We never really understood the hype about Jared Leto … until we saw his nude pics, that is shift 5 다운로드. Thank you, Terry Richardson! (via Refinery29)

Remember how back in the day, huge designer logo’s on clothes, hats and bags used to be the sh*t? Yup, this season, they’re back in style … And honestly, we’re kinda glad! We’re not saying it’s cool to arrogantly parade your designer items to the world Download the notebook icon. It’s just nice to look at your designer things, where the sight of its massive logos will make you think ‘Yeah! That’s right, I’ve earned this!’ (via Elle)


Sometimes fashionistas take ‘unnecessary’ to another level. Like the fact that Hayden Panettiere bought her dress for the Globes was apparently a cardinal sin in some books? (GraziadailyUK)

OMFG Download Sinagong. SJP is coming up with her own Manolo Blahnik collection? It’s like strawberries and cream, or sushi and soy sauce – whichever floats your boat! (via Refinery29)

Lena Dunham’s Vogue cover is finally available for public viewing 페도라! We think she’s adorable, and can’t wait to snag a copy ourselves. (Fashionista)


Kate Moss turns 40 and her nipples are all over Instagram. Wait, what?! (via Fashionista)

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