The aftermath of a historic GE14 is still ongoing, and alongside political topics, there are also some fashion-related news, like big orange boxes in a raid and a now-viral pair of Bata sandals Download Isaac Afterbus+.

A recent IG Story by user @azranshah showed our new (old) Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, sitting at a dining table while checking his phone 선인장 키우는 법. While that’s not really interesting, the attention was on Tun M’s sandals: they were not Hermès or Prada, but simple Bata footwear, priced at RM11.99 디스워오브마인.

The brand quickly took advantage of the online buzz and dubbed the sandals ‘Ramadan 2018 hottest selling accessory’ on its Facebook page 달콤커피.

It’s pretty cool that a 93-year-old can start an affordable fashion trend, don’t you think Download SimCity 4?


Check out this dress made of old GE14 election flags, too, while you’re on it 갤럭시 키스 다운로드.