Nail art is all the rage and at Tongue In Chic, we love themed tips for every occasion! There’s no better time to amp up your nail game than right now – this Easter, we’ve got pastel tones and super cute eggs, chicks and bunnies that will get you into the festive spirit on a whole new level Download the precious ones.


Things you will need:
+ Nail polish of choice
+ Nail art brushes

I created these basic, easy to follow templates to refer to, with three Easter-inspired designs 영화 33.


Step One: Paint nails yellow chrome remote desktop. You can opt for any shade you like, and it is recommended to do two layers.
Step Two: Start off drawing a a zig zag pattern (to look like a hatched egg) using white nail polish, slightly lower than the middle of the nail Fantastic Duo 2.
Step Three: Colour that portion white.
Step Four: Add two white dots (for eyes) above the egg shell detail Windows 8.1 genuine. Ensure there is space between the eyes and egg shells.
Step Five: Draw in two small black dots in the eyes and you’re done with the eyes dinaru.
Step Six: Add a tiny orange triangle below the eyes as a beak for your chick, and it is complete.

2Step One:  Paint nails a light green gt works3 64bit 다운로드. You can opt for any shade you like, and it is recommended to do two layers.
Step Two: Start with drawing a small white dot in the middle, for the bunny’s head Download xss.
Step Three: Add an oblong one below it (attached to it) as the body.
Step Four: Add two oblong designs on the top of the head as ears Shrek 1. It doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical.
Step Five: Draw in a fuzzy tail (dot on the back of the body) and two dots for legs at the bottom Driftgirl.
Step Six: Add tinier dots next to the already drawn legs.
Step Seven: Add small black dots for eyes.
Step Eight: This step is optional, but you can add little flower designs to give it a more spring flavour.



Step One: Pick a pastel colour of your choice. I decided on a lilac and did two layers.
Step Two: Use blue to add a zig-zag line. 
Step Three:
 Right above that, add tiny yellow polka dots.
Step Four: Add pink lines across your nails.
Step Four: Finish off by adding dashed lines in green around the empty nail area.

This last nail art has no rules, you can just have fun with different colours and different designs. You can’t go wrong! Happy Easter, readers!