The festival of lights has arrived! Time to break out your colourful sarees and accessories as we kick-off the festive season with Deepavali.

No sarees 클래쉬 오브 클랜? No problem! Here are a couple of eyeshadow looks for you to try inspired by traditional Indian kolams as you make your way through all of your upcoming open houses Packet Tracer 7.2. Happy Deepavali!

Look #1: Fair Skin


Shades of purple and copper archbook.output_MOZlUT


Look #2: Medium Tanned Skin


Tints of blue and silver Download whatsapp pc version.


Look #3: Deep Tanned Skin


Hues of emerald and gold 피아노 타일 버그판.output_JjReh1


Need some quick and stylish hairdos for the occasion Arduino compiler? Click here.

Make-up by Shonika Kochar

Image credit:, Astro Awani, Tongue in Chic