Anyone who has ever used SK-II beauty products will be well acquainted with their very special ingredient that goes by the name of PITERA™.

For the uninitiated, we’ve prepared a handy guide just for you!


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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


What is PITERA™ made from Download micropayments?

It is a naturally occurring ingredient that was discovered by chance! It all started from a sake (Japanese rice wine) brewery in Japan, where scientists in pursuit of a miracle ingredient for skincare, chanced upon aged workers who had “wrinkled faces but youthful looking hands”. Upon further investigation, they found that the workers hands were in constant contact with fermented liquid. The scientists got their much-awaited inspiration: yeast Compare beyond 4.

After sifting through 350 types of yeast, research led them to a particular strain which would later be widely known as PITERA™. It contains over 50 micronutrients and it’s said to help you achieve crystal clear skin.


How does PITERA™ work?

Due to its richness in micronutrients, the makeup of PITERA™ is similar to NMF, or natural moisturising factors currency cop 다운로드. NMF is found in healthy skin and works by keeping the outer layer of the skin protected and hydrated. This ingredient gives your skin that extra boost you need especially in our modern lifestyle where we are constantly exposed to pollutants and aggressors like the dehydrating air-conditioned office, smog in the city, and UV rays in our tropical climate.

With the consistent application of PITERA™, the barrier function of your skin will improve, protecting it and keeping it smooth and radiant spss 체험판 다운로드. At the same time, a good sebum balance on your skin is also established, so you don’t have to worry about oiliness and that glare in photos from a camera flash!

Fortunately, you don’t need to take the next flight out to Japan on a hunt for a sake brewery. Thanks to the scientists’ work, the first SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was created in 1980, and guess what it contains Big Hero 6? Over 90% PITERA™. With the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, all you need to do is incorporate it into your existing skincare routine: After the toner, before the moisturiser, and not forgetting to apply it on your neck too!


How can I try out PITERA™ for myself?

SK-II has become an established, ubiquitous skincare brand not without some serious achievements under its belt – the Facial Treatment Essence is even fondly known as ‘miracle water’ 엑스컴 에너미 언노운!

For the curious, a good place to start is the PITERA™ Welcome Set. This is an introductory kit that contains 3 items: Facial Treatment Essence (75ml), Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml), and R.N.A. Power Radical New Age (15g) available at the price of RM252 Heir.


SK-II Pitera™ Welcome Kit

Get started on your journey with the PITERA™ Welcome Set


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An alternative to try out is the PITERA™ First Experience Kit, which contains Facial Treatment Essence (75ml), 1 piece Facial Treatment Mask, and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml) priced at RM253 디지몬 마스터즈.


SK-II First Experience Kit

The SK-II PITERA™ First Experience Kit, an alternative to the PITERA™ Welcome Set


Would PITERA™ be effective for me?

After having tried out the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for ourselves, we have to say that it truly deserves its nickname of ‘miracle water’ java se 6. After 4 decades, its ingredients have not changed, and neither has its magical effects on our skin.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The Facial Treatment Essence is also commonly known as “Miracle Water”


Add the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to your arsenal of skincare products by purchasing it at the nearest SK-II store to you at RM695 (230ml).

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Let us know how you go!

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