SK-II isn’t the newest kid on the block, but the brand is as present as ever. Synonymous with trust, SK-II is well known for their much-loved Facial Treatment Essence. The TiC team is no stranger to this, having reviewed the SK-II Essence back in 2013 스캔레이. In this year’s review, we put the FTE through the test of time by diving deeper into what makes the FTE such an iconic staple for women everywhere, and of course, how to use it effectively!


Looking at the ‘Essence’ in Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence review

For something that has been around for as long as skincare regiments have been a thing, we’d normally say “no introduction needed”, but the origin story of the FTE is always worth a mention centos 다운로드!

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence is made up of more than 90% PITERA™, which originated in Japan through a chance observation of an old Toji’s miraculously youthful looking hands with a stark contrast to his wrinkled face.

Yup, PITERA™ is a natural ingredient that contains over 50 micronutrients, and works to retain the natural functions of healthy skin, especially in hydration and radiance csi 라스베가스 시즌2 다운로드. Indeed – hydrated and radiant skin is natural, not unattainable features that need to be artificially introduced. As the largest organ of our bodies, it’s perfectly normal that the skin takes a lot of beating, from stress, pollution, and *ahem* cheat days when we consume less-than-ideal foods and drinks.


How to use the Facial Treatment Essence as the secret key to your skincare routine

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence how to use

Incorporating the FTE into your existing skincare routine is simple – just apply it after cleansing and toning your face autocad viewer. There are two ways to apply it – either with a cotton pad, or with your bare, clean hands. Let’s be real – the Facial Treatment Essence comes at a cost, and we’re sure you’d want to make use of every single drop. That’s why we personally recommend using your hands as it’s easier to see exactly how much you’re applying. If you still prefer the cotton pad route, you can always use them as eye masks after, to ensure no drop of PITERA™ is wasted in vain as unsupported content.


Applying the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

After applying FTE, don’t forget to finish it off with your regular moisturiser (don’t forget the neck!). We love the texture and feel of the essence because it’s super lightweight, so there’s no sticky feel after. A bonus for us is that it’s fragrance-free 파이썬 엑셀! We at TIC have been particularly excited about trying out SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence after hearing thousands of success stories, and the promise of “crystal clear” skin it brings.


Before and After using the FTE

After a period of consistent applications, we were surprised to be able to see a clear ‘before and after’ difference – it looks and feels as if we’ve been diligent in exfoliating and using a hydrating mask 컴퍼니오브히어로즈2. Our skin is bouncier, fresher, and more radiant than it ever was. The secret is being consistent – the FTE improves skin barrier function to ensure that it’s protected from stressors and aggressors. Stopping halfway just means that every time you re-apply the FTE, it has to work harder to restore your skin to its natural state again.


To FTE or not to FTE Amazon Kindle?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

We are permanently adding it as a member of our skincare routines. Enough said.

If you’re as sold as we are, you can get your hands on the Facial Treatment Essence online or look for the nearest store to you at RM232 (75ml), RM515 (160ml), or RM695 (230ml) D.C. app. The FTE is made exclusively in Japan, so don’t fall for anything else claiming to be cheaper, locally-made versions!

For those wanting to test waters for now, the PITERA™ Welcome Kit is the perfect choice. This introductory kit contains 3 items: Facial Treatment Essence (75ml), Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml), and R.N.A. Power Radical New Age (15g) priced at RM 252 Download samsung printer.


Check out our review of the R.N.A. Power Radical New Age and a similar set here to help you decide about getting the PITERA™ Welcome Kit!


This is a sponsored piece written by Tongue in Chic on behalf of SK-II Malaysia. All opinions and text are ours.