You’ve probably noticed a lot of men with some crazy facial hair throughout the month. A portmanteau from ‘moustache’ and ‘November’, Movember is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues Download phonesky.apk. Meanwhile, sponsors can pledge sums of cash in support of the boys’ initiative.

Since we girls can’t physically get into the whole movement (growing moustaches and stuff), here’s a simple way we can show our support during Movember, with some cute moustache nail art Download Magic Lantern.

DSC_0206Things you will need:
+ Nail polish
+ Nail art brush

I created this basic, easy-to-follow template to refer to, with two designs for gentlemen nails Pmbok 5th.

1. Moustache Nail Art
moustachenailsStep One:  Paint your nails with blue nail polish (the colour of the prostate cancer ribbon in support of Movember) as the base colour 마리오카트8 디럭스 다운로드. I recommend doing two layers.
Step Two: Start off with doing a simple big dot, and adding another one right next to it, touching Windows 7 ServicePack 1. Make sure that it’s centralised.
Step Three: Add a smaller dots on each sides of the big dots. Make sure it’s on the far end and lower than the big dots 유료 음악.
Step Four: Add a curvy line, from the top of the big dot to the small dot. Repeat on the other sides.
Step Five: Draw a similar curvy line from the small dot to the middle of both the big dots 미국 저작권. Again, repeat on the other side.
Step Six: Colour the empty space in and you’ll have a moustache!

These are optional designs you can incorporate to your Movember nails 학생부.

2. Suit Up Nails!
suitnailsStep One: *same as above*
Step Two:  Make a slanting line from the middle of your finger to the side of your nail minecraft pe 다운로드. Repeat on the other side.
Step Three: Colour it in. That will be your suit jacket.
Step Four: Add a small triangle above the design, and do the same on the otherside, like a mirror effect 500px 사진 다운로드. Colour it in, and you have a bow.
Step Five: Add three dots below the bow, to represent buttons.