There’s no simpler luxury like having the time to sit down, do your own nails and just sit back for a couple of hours, flipping the pages of a new book really carefully. This was my teen life, every Friday afternoon after school, just so I could spend the weekend with black nails, and only to begrudgingly remove them Sunday night before a new week of public school, and its many pointlessly stifling rules (insert eye roll here.)

So it was definitely a nostalgia trip for me when Evelyn and the senior trainer from Sally Hansen dropped by the office last Friday evening to do the nails of the entire TiC team 마법공학 다운로드!  But no grimy dark colours this time – we were getting the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips treatment.

We were first introduced to the Salon Effects™ kit, which includes 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, mini file/buffer and instructions for easy, at-home application. Evelyn explained that the strips were not stickers, but real, printed real polish. This is also why you have to use up a whole set at a time (there are two in each kit), because like regular polish, these strips dry down and harden 캐드 무료. I picked the houndstooth pattern, perfect for the holidays.

She began by laying out all the tools in the box and arranging the nail strips corresponding with each nail. She said that this is so when we do it ourselves, we’ll be organized and not have to risk fudging our drying topcoats trying to look for the next strip 도쿄구울.

Each of us did eight tips with nail strips and a painted statement nail each. So the trainer only used a total of 4 strips per person, using each strip twice. So each box can be used for two manicure sessions!

Then it was nail prep time. Old nail polish was removed, and nails were prepped with a base coat 몬무스 패러독스 다운로드. On my soft, weak nails, the trainer used Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails (RM54.90) to stop it from peeling and seal the nail plate.

Now comes the fun 클래쉬 오브 클랜. Picking a strip that best matched my nail shape, the senior trainer removed the clear protective plastic cover, peeled nail polish strip from backing paper and pulled off the silver tab.

Holding the strip in the middle, the senior trainer then positioned the nail strip against the cuticle line Packet Tracer 7.2. When she was satisfied with how it looked, she firmly pressed the strip down, smoothing along the sides to remove any air pockets.

She then ran the flat side of the cuticle stick along the sides, and using the sharp point on the edges of the nail where there was excess nail strip, loosening them and nudging them off.

After which, she smoothed the excess at the tips over the nail edge, forming a crease archbook. Then she gently filed away excess from nail edge using the light pink side of file. Then repeated all the steps on all my nails but my index fingers, which she painted… you guessed it, black.

Finally, a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat (RM39.90) was used on my nails to seal the polish in and give it a super shiny finish Download whatsapp pc version. Et voila, houndstooth nails for a groovy weekend!

Evelyn explained that when you’re ready to change your nail strips, simply swipe nails with extra strength polish remover for a clean slate.

My nails lasted about a week without chipping, and this is without any topcoat touch-ups. To make the Salon Effects Strips really go the distance, the Sally Hansen team recommended that I reapply topcoat every other day to keep the edges sealed in 피아노 타일 버그판. I can’t wait to try the other set on my own (there’s two in each box.) The steps don’t seem difficult, but might take a little patience. But not having to wait for multiple coats of polish to dry before putting on a quick-dry topcoat and moving on to my next activity is totally worth any little learning curve Arduino compiler.

Hey, hey, you, you, are you a fan of Avril Lavigne, or nail art involving bright, glittery patterns? ‘Cause Sally Hansen’s got a range of Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips you’d be into. Released in April of this year, Avril’s designs range from a sparkly, dark nail to stars, a rainbow leopard print and even glittery skulls.

Recommended Retail Price : RM45.90
Availability : Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson, Hong Kong SaSa, Caring Pharmacy and Jusco Bandar Utama.