We know that the GST is about to break in but that means we have a couple more days to shop the sales from last week and this week before the stores have to shut down their clearance sales Download the syrup table. We’ve stocked up on the most random things. What about you?


Adidas outlet sale
If any of you are tearing up the clearance sales as a result of the up and coming GST, Adidas outlet store invites you to grab their 50% discounts before it’s too late Download Sketchup Pro 2018.
Adidas Outlet, MYDIN, Seremban 2. March 27 2015 – April 4 2015.

Get 10% off storewide at Bowerhaus with the code SALE10 Download Windows 7 Explorer 8.
Until March 31.

Eclipse in-store sale
For a limited time only, Eclipse Malaysia is having a 50% discount sale on selected good in-store Capernaum movie. Need a new gown and a clutch to go with it? You know where to find it.
Eclispe. Limited period only.

Isetan 5-Day Special sale
Isetan is prepping you for the GST by giving out RM10 vouchers for every RM100 spent storewide Autocad 2015. Not to mention their crazy promos that are currently going on before the 1st of April. Note that the RM10 vouchers are valid even after the implementation of the GST Download Google Now. So, what are you waiting for?
Isetan. March 2015.

Aldo in-store sale
Another excuse for new shoes? We’ll take it chrome sphere version. Aldo is offering 50% discounts on selected items. We’re serious ladies, like squirrels stocking up on nuts for the winter, we’re stocking up on shoes pre-GST 전람회 취중진담.
Aldo. Limited period only.