If you’re constantly attending fashion show after fashion show like we are, especially if they’re coming at you one after the other like the runways at KLFW, then you’ll understand that it’s pretty normal to forget collections, but that wasn’t the case with the designer shows that we’re going to tell you about next. Pastel hues, iridescent nudes, whites and pops of colour and dark utilitarian (and still very attractive) pleather, the next seven designers collections were dazzling enough to catch out eye and here’s exactly why 다크독 무료.



We’ll start off with one of our favourite local designers, Jonathan Liang who we loved for his use of iridescents, crisp clean fabrics and smart, chic silhouettes. His collection started off on a low note for me, with ill-fitting pieces that looked too big on the models (which was probably attributed to the fact that he had showcased the same collection earlier in Paris and that their local models were probably bigger boned than ours) and a darker colour palette of indigo-blues, metallic blacks and sandy greys, but later on moved into his earth shattering off-white and pale pink iridescent colours that had me holding onto my seat to prevent myself from leaping on the runway to snatch his clothes off the models’ bodies 신비한 동물사전 그린델왈드의 범죄.

The collection, overall looked smart, for the modern woman on the go, with straight silhouettes asymmetrical panels that fell overlapping creating the illusion of layers on a single garment. His looks were littered with chunky zippers and hemlines that were finished with thick panels of different fabrics that created a nice contrast and gave the collection a bolder, stronger look that would match the women who would don the clothing Download the Internet Explorer Hangul file. Although I wasn’t as blown away by this collection as I have been by some of his previous works, Jonathan Liang will always be a great example of some of the amazing talent that has been cultivated right here in Malaysia.


innai and innai red

Innai’s collection featured quirky prints, fresh summer shades, fitted waistlines and cut-outs, bringing a very young, fun and feminine feel to the catwalk 윈도우 10 프로. The warm colours then gradually transformed into icy blue, pale indigo and classic B&Ws for Innai Red’s collection. Asymmetric hemlines, voluminous ruffles, peplums and a dash of crystal embellishments were strategically incorporated into two-piece sets, cocktail dresses and gowns, producing a solid array of evening wear ensembles that emanated elegance with a tinge of edge.



Rizman Ruzaini’s collection was a dream of creams, purple and pink tinted nudes, soft greys and beautiful silvers floating down the runway Lollipop 5.1.1. The collection was inspired by a love story that was interpreted through traditional Indian wear with a modern twist. Harem pants, dropped crotches, delicate head jewellery and luxurious septum jewellery gave the collection of smart jackets, flowing dresses, raised collars and slim fitted bodices with draped skirts an ethereal, other worldly feel. Silhouettes were mostly fitted at the bodice and extended out into wearing flowing skirts, some fitted with thigh-high slits. If Khaleesi were a real person that attended fashion week, I’d expect every single piece of this collection to be in her wardrobe Download the Office tab. #YAS



Max Mak’s collection can be summed up into squeaky clean whites with pops of neon colours and a contemporary high street edge. His silhouettes were mostly straight, some with flared skirts that came in various lengths from extremely mini to ankle grazing hems. The designer accessories the collection with matching white ascots that were tied up with huge bows that took his looks a step further and gave each one added oomph download the s7 firmware. There was just the right amount of colour to white in all his looks, whether it was the socks on the models feet or a neon turquoise a-line skirt, this designer knew just how to grab our attention.



Packed with dainty cotton candy shades and sheer delights, the cohesive ensembles injected a whimsical and somewhat cheerful ambiance to the runway 이지투 디제이. Taking a unique approach to casual-luxe clothing, Mimpikita fascinated the audience with an eclectic selection of cuts, including multi-layering, subtle asymmetry and body hugging fits. The collection as a whole possessed an ultra feminine feel, achieved through the harmonious colour scheme, silhouettes, as well as the gentle juxtaposition of sheer and opaque fabrications Download php multiple files.



Pearly Wong has come a long way since her last KLFW showcase and we couldn’t be more impressed. This time around, the designer opted for utilitarian, army jackets (minus the camou print) that weren’t just practical and functional, but as cheesy as it sounds, also looked very bad ass Download the September mock test. The colour scheme was apparent, since it was a Pearly Wong show – like the people dressed in the audience, everything was bound to be black with hints of white and grey in between. Models strutted down the runway decked out in heavy jackets, pleather skirts and pants, mesh and high collars looking as through they had just walked off of a post-apocalyptic movie set.

The collection showcased large metal zipper detailing and see-through, mesh patch pockets, flatform boots as well as pleather fanny packs (who know that would ever come back into trend). The models wore their hair in braids with tight bands wrapped around their faces and heads for protection against the (imaginary) post-apocalyptic sun. I am extremely comforted now that I know that we’ll still look good even if the world ends.



This year, PU3 combined androgynous silhouettes with the delicacy of sheer fabrications to produce an alluring and composed collection. From taupe and aubergine to blue and grey, the colours flowed seamlessly alongside the contrasting distinct straight cuts, creating a divine equilibrium between the disparate styles of casual and ultramodern. Alongside this, intricate pastel yellow headpieces were paired with a handful of garments, adding an air of eccentricity to the collection.


Image credit: Photos courtesy of KL Fashion Week

Text credit: Amanda Ong + Zoé Ng