For its third year running, Blueprint has gone a few notches up the scale with 150 booths of designer labels from all over the world. The tradeshow in Singapore held in conjunction with Asia Fashion Exchange, is set to be the fashion link between the east and west. Highly curated and considered a one-stop platform for the upcoming and established designers from across the region, this year’s Blueprint saw labels from host city Singapore, alongside Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, London and even New York Download the Nintendo game on your smartphone.

The Tongue in Chic team was once again invited to witness the hype. Fashion designers, label-hands, models, buyers and media people were all part of the usual madness. The perfect hub to get personal with the designers themselves, we managed to get a few insights into their collection, on Blueprint and even their fellow designers Linux ssh. Starting off with a fashion show and a little fête for the guests, we gathered our favourites and like a hot dish served on hand-painted, ceramic plates; we offer them here…


Based in Singapore, former Managing Director of an advertising agency Carolyn Kan of Carrie K. produces artisan crafted jewelries that are playful yet intricate. Besides the accessories made from silver, gold and semi-precious stones, we were highly intrigued by the leather cuffs and necklaces below Paintnet.

Image credit: Carrie K.

Making bespoke leather handbags and accessories is Thirtyfour from home turf, Malaysia. Showcasing their Cruise collection at Blueprint, Thirtyfour’s unique designs have made them a key fave at Blueprint amongst the fashion buyers, media and style enthusiasts alike 맥아피 다운로드. No complaints here that’s for sure.

The space were a little cramped for the leather goods label but they made do with some creative display effort. 

One of the only few eyewear brands at Blueprint, Mystic Vintage is the hipster’s answer to designer eyewear that is neither vintage nor too mainstream. We chatted with one of the designers who explained to us the concept behind each collection. The Lullaby for example, takes inspiration from ’70s musicians’ eyewear and the frame arms are embossed with lyrics from iconic songs from that era Davich Letter mp3.

You don’t even need to be short-sighted to be sporting one of these.

Tongue in Chic’s Claudia tries on a pair.

The day before Blueprint, we questioned a few Singaporean fashion enthusiasts about the local scene and they all had the name Rayson Tan in the list. The former Graphic Designer grad has been stirring style nerves with his eclectic and vibrant mix of apparel and accessories named L’ile aux Ashby Download lullaby. Rich in colours and graphics, his acrylic resin bracelets, rings and necklaces are a huge hit with those who love eye-popping trinkets to amplify their ensemble.

Image credit: L’ile aux Ashby.

We all know Thailand is filled with skilled minds and deft hands in the fashion department 24-bit sound recordings. And one of them that we have just come to realise is craft jewellery brand, Saprang. Offering a new way to wear your accessories – no latches or hooks necessary on necklaces and earrings, but some sort of physics of balance and weight comes to play. Everything comes with a creative spin here.



Returning after a successful tradeshow in 2011 is New York based, Timo Weiland Download earth subtitles. Fit for the quirky and whimsical, designer Timo Weiland and partner, Alan Eckstein have build a collection that highlights demure cuts juxtaposed with the new sexy and good taste. There’s a subtle vintage quality about the pieces and the chosen materials are perfect for the cuts. So we think. Timo also played guest DJ for the Blueprint after-party at Loof – the latest hot spot in Singapore 리눅스 헤더파일 다운로드.

Depression has been pushing the Singaporean fashion scene ahead with their forward and edgy pieces. Fronted by Andrew Loh and Kenny Lim, the duo showcased their latest season called “Plastic Surgery” at Blueprint. Pieces in the collection are meant to be detachable, readjusted and reconnected – transforming each into a whole new look and design Windows 7 pe. Depression is also one of the brands in the latest initiative called Future Fashion Now.

Sometimes we are a little taken by the designer itself that we think whatever they create is cool enough to highlight. And one such label is Esther Perbandt from Berlin. With her asymmetrical hair-cut and tasteful piercings, we were like fan-girls around her. Using unconventional materials such as wood and mixing it with an even less usual accompaniments like leather, Esther Perbandt breathes a whole new life to the present fashion scene.

A little bit of tradition

Hailing from Indonesia is a new take on womenswear, Toton. At Blueprint, their Pre-Spring/Cruise collection brought  a mix of interests and opinions. On one hand, there’s a fresh, new vibe to it in a midst of designers all veering towards edgy and de-constructed designs on the other, traditional wear have been done before. The question is; has Toton managed to bridge the two to create an aesthetics that is contemporary, cool and wearable? Well, yes be the answer.

Image credit: Toton

Ong Shunmugam is another Singaporean label that crosses ready-to-wear with custom womenswear. The brands reevaluates the general perception of traditional wear, fuse it with contemporary cuts to create a line that is refreshing and exciting. Rich fabrics, bright colours and fascinating prints speak volumes in their latest collection – ‘Prints Charming’. Cute!

Image creadit: Ong Shunmugam

Images by Jonathan Liu

For a video roundup of Blueprint 2012, watch the video here.