A few weeks back, a Suunto Ambit2 S watch was delivered to our doorstep for review. I’d known little about Suunto then, but perhaps enough to cover the basics. I knew it was a Finnish brand that specialised in dive computers, and that James Franco had worn one in ‘127 Hours’ Download The Leap Gothic 520. It wasn’t much, but having also just attained my Open Water Diver license, it was enough to pique my interest and unbox the timepiece to take on the loaded challenge. I knew I was in for a self-deprecating experience, where the review essentially meant I had to attempt figuring out a gadget far smarter than me …


… And how right I was Download windows 7 disk image (iso file). First off, it was messy just trying to unbox the watch itself! It was gorgeously sleek, and I have this long-running thing for oversized faces, so it was a hurried and clumsy affair trying to untie and snip its wired hold. I took a moment to digest the delicate balance of function and stylised minimalism in its design, before I saw the four-part user guide manuals.

But it really wasn’t as intimidating as it sounds – step one was to remove the protective plastic sheet off the watch face 3d 운전 교실 다운로드. The Ambit2 S experience begins with a charge. To your computer, you hook up a USB plug and attach something that looks like a jumper cable on the other end, to your watch. The full charge takes about two to three hours; in the mean time, a window will pop up on your computer.

The first time this happens, it will ask you to install a Moveslink app, which will update any device software and transfer data to and from your Movescount (this is something you’ll also be asked to sign up for) 메두사 바둑 다운로드. Thereafter, every time you plug in your device, it will take you to your Movescount account, where you’ll be able to create custom sport modes, workouts, routes … all while you monitor your current progress.


While the Ambit2 S was designed with advanced multisports functions that could take you from mountain treks to 50 metres underwater, I humbly tested out its running and swimming modes 디아2 맵핵.

What I quickly came to find was that the start of every exercise session feels like the beginning of some espionage mission. Which is now a little inside joke I enjoy with myself regularly. From the start menu, select exercise, then the specific exercise, and you’re off (there’s a lot to choose from, from biking and trekking to skiing and outdoor [like oceanic outdoor] swimming) 데드엔드99.

There are advanced heart rate monitors and chrono and interval timers to fiddle around with, but for the more hardcore outdoor sportsy set, the GPS, altimeter, weather and compass functions are solid – I know because I tested them out about my Telawi jog.


But the swimming function’s really impressive 자유의 언덕. Going far beyond your basic lap count, the Ambit2 S actually logs data such as your distance, duration, pace, stroke count, rate and efficiency. It can even recognise your swimming style, which comes in handy when analysing your swims later in Movescount.


Once you’re done with your workout, discovering Movescount really takes your sporting experience to the next level Download windows 8.1 theme. I’ve had boyfriends who’d buy gadgets specifically to motivate their talent/skills, and I never quite understood their reasoning behind that, but with the Ambit2 S, I really began to. Movescount allows you to create a sports diary, where you can set personal goals and plan your training with a plethora of apps, then chart your progress and even share it with your friends 걸그룹 키우기 다운로드.

It truly makes being an Ambit user a privileged experience, and it motivates you to be worthy of it. I’ve never had a better sports companion. And of course, there are also basic watch functions such as time, date, alarm and backlight. The battery life is, as you’d imagine, stunning as well – 15 days max 윈클론! But being a girl, with great function should also come great style, and I’m perhaps most grateful that the Suunto’s power-packed features come tastefully packaged. I never leave the house without it anymore.

The Suunto Ambit2 S retails at RM1,699, and is now available at Solar Time and Time Couture outlets nationwide, Style Watch (Midvalley Megamall), Yee Wah Hing (Bangsar Shopping Centre), and Tip Top Time (Gurney Plaza, Penang). For more information, click here

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