I’ve only just started to use eye cream, but I think I’ve already found the holy grail 6시 내고향. The SK-II magnetic eye cream is the first in the world with “magnetic eye care tech” that claims to boost penetration of the ingredients into the skin for the fastest, best results 성경 pdf.

The eye cream claims to improve skin plumpness, boost radiance, firmness and the production of structural proteins in the skin. That is: fewer wrinkles, reduced eye bags and brighter skin around the eye Children's English fairy tales.


The cream comes in a very light formula that feels a little oily when applied on the eyes, but is absorbed pretty quickly Download Dunky's Finding Peanuts. I really love that the teeny tiniest amount is enough for both eyes, and the magnetic wand is cold when you use it to massage the product into the eye area 요리법. I tend to have patchy, dark circles due to lack of sleep, but after just 2 weeks of application, my dark circles have lessened and I find that my eyes aren’t as puffy as they usually are annabelle subtitles. The skin around my eyes is smoother and more even. Result: I look less exhausted.

Some tips on how to use the wand:  Hold it horizontally and gently touch the skin with the silver side 웨딩 데이트. Slowly glide from the inner eye to the outer eye following the under curve of the eyes. Repeat this motion 10 times.


Add on something snazzy this Christmas – the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition, in collaboration with artist Karan Singh 에일리의 비타민!

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Image credit: Photos courtesy of SK-II + Zoé Ng