If you were in attendance at our last quiz night, you would know by now that oxblood is my favourite colour, so when we received Burberry Beauty’s new multi-use Kohl Pencils in No Download the HighCall app. 01 Poppy Black, No. 02 Oxblood and No. 03 Stone, I was over the moon. The three kajal crayon colours were inspired by colours off the Burberry runway, and can be used on the eyes as a liner or shadow; on the face as a concealer, cheek base or beauty mark; and on the lips as a lip base or for lip contouring 디즈니 ost. Versatility at its best!


We decided to try out the multiple uses of the pencil, incorporating some of our current beauty trend favourites  (the watercolour effect eyelid and bold lips) 핑클 루비. Here’s a step-by-step to show you the multi-textures and uses of this versatile pencil.


Step 1: Use a base or a lighter shade of oxblood coloured eyeshadow and apply it right under the brow, blending it downward into a gradient with a blending brush as you go Download the subtitles for Notting Hill.

Step 2: Take Burberry’s Oxblood Pencil and drew a thick line under the brow.

Step 3: Blend the line down to a gradient as well memtest 다운로드. If you used an eyeshadow colour as a base, the colour should be more vibrant and stay on longer on your eyes throughout the day.


Step 4: If you would like a more obvious gradiant, draw a line right under repeat the steps 1 – 3 again underneath the darkest part of the gradient. We then used a sheer glittery silver eyeshadow and blended i just above the crease line to give it more depth 2018 Club Music.

Step 5: We covered Emma’s lips in the pencil, making sure to line them first and then fill in the rest later for a very defined lip Download javascript files.

Step 7: Finally, roll the pencil of the tip of your finger and blend it into the contours of your cheek, under your cheek bones for some natural colour and to give your face some depth 무료 엠피 쓰리.


The overall look resulted in a dark ’90s beauty look that is totally in trend right now classic antarctic expedition. But if that’s not really your style, don’t worry about it. With the multi-use pencil, you can blend out your lip colour or draw in a solid line for your eyes 페이버릿. There really are so many effects and textures you can achieve – from a leathery, wet texture; to a solid matte colours; to a soft gradient. You really can’t go wrong with this pencil.

Image credit: Photos courtesy of Burberry Beauty + Emma Shazleen