We’re here to talk about the cult Taiwanese whitening brand, For Beloved One and since the Taiwanese always have such radiant and translucent skin, I had a lot of faith in this – especially since there’ve been a lot of good reviews about its 20% Mandelic Acid serum 더블커맨더. Here’s how I found its range of Mandelic Acid skincare!



– softens and renews skin surface
– moisturises and restores skin radiance
– effectively reduces stimulation from AHA

Price: RM110

Size: 200ml / 7.04 oz Download Superbunnyman pc.

Availability: sold exclusively at all Sephoras nationwide

Shelf life (from manufacturing date): 3 years

Directions: Use in the morning and evening after thorough cleansing 십계 2007. Apply desired amount to face and neck. To enhance skin renewal effects, use with Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum before toner to boost metabolism, moisturise skin and reduce stimulation making skin soft and supple Coffee Prince No. 1.


The toner comes in a nicely sized bottle that’s generous – which I liked very much – so you don’t have to feel stingy with the product Download nexus. The formula dries down quickly, but leaves skin moist enough to make the next step easy for you.


Claims: Moisturises and penetrates deep into the skin to boost skin’s moisture content

Price: RM159

Size: 100ml / 3.52 oz 우분투 32bit.

Availability: Sold exclusively at all Sephoras nationwide

Shelf life (from manufacturing date): 3 years

Directions: Apply desired amount evenly on face every day and night after toner and essence, and gently massage in until completely absorbed 원펀맨 2기 4화. For best results, pair with Mandelic Acid Renewal Toner and 20% Mandelic Acid Renewal Serum.


The lotion looks creamy when pumping it out of the bottle, but once you smooth it out onto your skin, you’ll find that the formula is lightweight and thin, which feels nice on your face and absorbs well without leaving any sticky residue Download mysql migration toolkit.


– brightens complexion
– clears pores
– removes old keratin
– restores white, flawless and delicate skin

Price: RM220

Size: 30ml / 1.06 oz lg 그램 다운로드.

Availability: Sold exclusively at all Sephoras nationwide

Shelf life (from manufacturing date): 3 years

Directions: Use 3 – 4 times a week Windows Server 2019. Apply desired amount evenly onto face before toner, gently pat until completely absorbed, and continue with daily skincare routine. Pair with Mandelic Acid Renewal Lotion to enhance moisture and reparation. The serum can also be added into essence and lotions to double its whitening effect.


While this is one of its star products, the 20% mandelic acid serum wasn’t my favourite in terms of texture. It was easy to apply a few drops with the applicator tip and felt a little more viscous than water, but still pretty flowy. It felt light in my palm, but when I began to apply it onto my face, it felt kind of oily and sticky, and sat on my skin’s surface for a long long time before absorbing completely. And even after absorbing, my skin still felt a little sticky, and stung on the more sensitive parts of my face like the corners of my nose. At least it gave me a nice kind of glow, though.

I haven’t been using the product long enough to see a visible result in skin tone, but after about a week of use, my skin was definitely less patchy, and felt smoother and a little more supple overall.

Image credit: Courtesy of For Beloved One + Zoé Ng