This year, I got past my early 20s and could no longer make excuses – I had to get with the programme, get my skin on track and start a proper anti-ageing regime Download Oracle Solaris. SK-II was always a brand I’d kept on hold; I didn’t want to spoil skin before it really mattered 플레이어 자막. So after my 26th birthday and two consecutive beach vacations, with my skin dulled, darkened and blemished from sunblock congestion, I decided to give it a go vmware fusion 8 다운로드. I’d heard a lot about the wonders of SK-II’s Pitera and wasn’t going to let the range have it easy – I wanted to make sure it had specific skin concerns to solve within a two week period Download mobile Twitter gifs.


Containing more than 90% Pitera, the FTE optimises five core components of crystal clear skin – texture refinement, radiance, firmness, wrinkle resilience and spot control 옥희의 영화. Cellumination on the other hand, works to brighten the skin at a cellular level. Together, it’s supposed to give me clearer, smoother, hydrated and a more radiant complexion 윈도우 7 정품 iso.

After cleansing, I swiped, then pat on cotton pads generously moistened with FTE, before applying two drops of Cellumination, followed by a moisturiser Download pebook photos. This has been my skincare routine for two weeks now.

Right from the get go, the FTE and Cellumination application made my skin feel tight – despite its claim to replenish moisture and balance my skin’s PH 안드로이드 이미지. I’ve also found that my skin now becomes greasier over the course of a day. This took a little getting used to. While I barely saw a difference in my skin condition initially, around day five, my skin tone was visibly brightened, and then I bumped into someone who said I was glowing QFair. And I continued receiving these compliments, despite having residual (active) blemishes from before I began testing this range. By day seven, I preferred the way my skin looked – dewy, healthy and radiant 글래스 한글자막 다운로드. It’s now day 14 and I kid you not, my skin has a nice translucency that glows from within; and my previously speckled skin is rapidly clearing – dark spots have even begun to disappear. At the two week mark, I decided to treat myself to an FTE mask … which turned out to be an unimaginably luxurious boost in hydration and radiance. Okay SK-II, you win. I’m completely won over.