Looking through our old posts and coming across Joanne’s Crayola Lipstick DIY, I was suddenly inspired to create some make-up of my own Download GameBoy Color. Instead of making new lipstick from scratch, I dug through my old make-up and found some things that I never ended up using, like clear gloss, nail varnish and some brow gel that have been collecting dust Download Kim And Jang 1 episode. So I decided to give them a quick colour update! All it takes is some eye shadow pigment and some clear make-up, and you’ll have a bunch of new colours to add to your collection 로스트 인 스페이스 다운로드!


Things You’ll Need:
+ Eyeshadow pigment (I used Ronasutra’s mineral eye pigment)
+ Clear gloss, nail varnish or mascara/eyebrow gel



For a quick nail varnish colour update, take a clear polish, dip it into an eyeshadow pigment and start painting fm2019 무설치 다운로드! It might take a couple of coats and a solid top coat to get the desired effect, but soon enough, you’ll have nails that can match your make-up look Radio Gorilla!



If you’re not keen on having an entire bottle of solid-coloured mascara, you can always just dip the applicator top into the pigment and swipe it on your lashes Download the translation program. The brighter the colour, the more outstanding it will be on your lashes, but I chose an ethereal silvery white for a subtle glittery eye. Make sure you wash out your applicator tip and dry it before putting it back into the bottle if you don’t want you mascara or brow gel to turn a different colour 핸드폰 인터넷!



For a quick lip colour update, place a little eye pigment onto the back of your hand audio. Then, squeeze out a generous amount of clear lip product and mix. This was the easiest to do out of all the three, although the colours varied when mixed in with the lip gloss, because of the oils 웹에서 앱. Remember that the more pigment you add, the more solid the colour becomes, but since I was using a shimmer colour, the end result was still came out sheer cisco vpn client 다운로드.

There you go, a quick update for your nails, lip and eyes! Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the colours by mixing different pigments for your desired colour and opacity.

Image credit: Zoé Ng + Onny Ng