No stranger to the scene, 22-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter Zamaera gained fame this year with her debut single “Helly Kelly” that climbed the Malaysian charts in March. The feisty rapper from Subang Jaya found her passion for writing at the age of 8. The combination of her love for English Literature and the robust music influence of
Tupac, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, and Erykah Badu are what catapulted her into rapping Realtek digital output. She has collaborated with critically acclaimed Malaysian rapper, Joe Flizzow and graffiti artist turned hip hop star, SonaOne. To top it all off, the star talent also competed in Red Bull Blend 2016, a rap cypher competition and was named runner up, against 50 all-male

Now, Zamaera is back with a new single titled “Wanita”. This is her first Malay single, which is poised to be an anthem for the modern woman 닌텐도. It reminds the world, that women are strong, beautiful, independent and are role models for both sexes. The emphasis of the importance of self value and self love is amplified through this catchy track; and is made even more euphoric with her brilliant rhythmic alliteration.

The Chic team speaks to Zamaera on her latest single, being a rapper, and more.




Your latest single ‘Wanita’ speaks strongly about female empowerment 예쁘다. What’s the motivation behind this, and why now?

The catalyst to “Wanita” is all the women I’ve encountered in my life. Every woman I know possesses the qualities of strength and independence amidst our differences. My mother was definitely a key person when it came to searching for inspiration in a lyrical context 무료 v3 lite. And as a daughter, it was inevitable that I inherited many of her characteristics which illuminated the reflection of who I am as a woman. That being said, I also looked to the men in my life such as my father and two brothers as I tried to gauge from their perspectives on how important it was for them to be centred through the presence of women. And why now? Cause life’s too short for laters.


What has your experience been like, being in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry 히로인?

No one’s acted differently towards me or given me special treatment by being a woman. There hasn’t been any bigotry [towards] my capabilities as a rapper either because I think many artists understand that there is a certain amount of hard work and effort that is being put into the craft, especially the undocumented endeavours. Everyone respects the hustle regardless of gender.


Would you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes. However, there are many that misconstrue the definition of a feminist Download Windows 7 Pro. I don’t believe that women are superior to men nor do I have negative views of men. Advocating women’s rights in social, economic and political equality is from the basis of common sense.


What does gender equality in an ideal world look like to you?

That women and men are given the same opportunities without discrimination of competence based on gender Actua Soccer. Especially crucial in the workplace environment but human rights and inclusivity on political grounds are important too. Slowly but surely right? Look at Saudi Arabia who’ve agreed to lift the banning of women drivers!




What is it about Subang Jaya that produces rappers Download the Todow video? Would you credit your home as an inspiration?

Talent comes from all corners of the world and I grew up in a few different ones but yes, anywhere I considered home was definitely an inspiration.


What role has your family played in supporting you in your unconventional career path?

One that I will forever be indebted to Download the real catch. My parents came from a life of hardship that was unknown to us (my siblings and I) because growing up, we were taught to be very optimistic and through that positivity came the endless support regardless of our choice of profession. Even though we weren’t spoon fed (although I must admit being a little spoilt as a daddy’s girl), everything we’ve achieved is a direct result of our endurance with the push of our support system 갤럭시 s10 다운로드.


Tell us one thing that your fans don’t yet know about you.

I can do a great deal of accents. (Watch Zamaera in action exclusively on our Instagram page!)


What can we expect next from you in your musical career?

Expect the unexpected.


Watch the official music video of “Wanita” below. We promise this will be your new life anthem!



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