Yassai 7 may sound like something from a Japanese anime, but in reality this accessory brand is from Los Angeles, California 한글이 야호 1. Yassai 7 is a cutting edge accessory line that seeks to change the world in a fashionable way by throwing in rough metals and ravaged chains to give us 7 collection of accessory that represents 7 different colors Download the subtitles for Toy Story 4.

Each color or collection represents the different distinct causes that they support 유튜브 사운드.

Their first collection, is called the ‘Stop Blood Diamonds Collection 09’  –  where 2% of their profits go to Stop Blood Diamonds Vandy and Inkmachine.

With an all round anti-war sentiment, each of their accessory is handmade with rings and earrings and then cast out of silver. 

The necklaces are lasercut out of stainless steel – originally used for industrial piping 세에라.

‘Kids with Guns’ is a homage to child soldiers in south Africa who suffer due to the illegal blood diamond trade msdn 구독자 다운로드.

‘Bang Bang Bang’ is homage paid to the anti-gun sentiment 내용 증명 양식 다운로드.

‘Cut and Collect’ is in celebration of the genius of British graffiti artist Banksy Download The Hundred Days of Nangun.

Nothing in Yassai 7 costs more than USD$200 and yes, they do ship internationally.

Website: www.yassai7.com

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Just last week, we posted on how watches aren’t just for keeping up with the schedule anymore with the Swatch Club’Art Exclusive Selection and we also taught you how to wear the boyfriend watch in Trend Talk Tuesdays: Borrowed from Boyfriend Download the Jay Levitt song. This week, we bring you more cool watches from FLUD.

Established in 2007, this New York City brand is off the hook noon vr 다운로드! Being just 2 years young, FLUD is now available in 21 states in the States, Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany, Russia and United Kingdom!

Their street cool designs have been featured in fashion magazines such as Nylon and even on Kanye West’s blog!

FLUD watches are manufactured in China with Japanese movements aim to bring unique, fresh watches to the casual and streetwear scene without the pretentiousness or big-digit price taga.

Some of our favourites from their catalogues includes:

Tableturns, USD$80 

Big Ben, USD$90

The Boombox, USD$90

Digalog, USD$60

The Catrdige, USD$80

Can you believe that none of FLUD watches are more than UD$100? 

They, too, ship internationally and each timepiece comes with one year warranty. Nice!

Website: www.fludwatches.com