In being the swiftest and simplest solution to updating any basic outfit, statement necklaces won’t ever go out of style pdf 합치기 프로그램 다운로드. As the great Pitbull once said, “They can’t … they won’t … they never will stop the party.” We’ve been spotting a lot of gem-heavy statement accessories recently, and decided to try our hands on a little DIY using rhinestones for bib necklaces. 


Things you will need:
+ Felt
+ Rhinestone beads
+ UHU glue
+ Scissors
+ Ribbon

Step One: There are two ways to go about how you design your necklace 장한몽 영화. You can either start off by drawing up the template for your necklace with coloured chalk on your black felt, or you can just design it as you go along as I did 시간의 오카리나. What I did was fold the felt in half first, so you know where the middle is, and start arranging the rhinestones on it to see what kind of design you’d like 2000년대 발라드 다운로드.


Step Two: Once you are happy with your design, or are confident in doing it freehand (you can’t go wrong with this by the way!), use UHU glue to stick the rhinestones onto your felt 잊혀진계절. Surprisingly, the glue was strong enough to hold the stones to the felt without any of it falling off easily. Make sure to press the rhinestones on properly, applying sturdy pressure Studio One.


Step Three: Once you are done, leave it to dry for a bit Full download of Outlook attachments. Place a heavy book on it to make sure that the rhinestones stick well onto the felt, just to be extra sure.


Step Four: Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out your necklace piece Download the letter form. This part can get tricky, so take your time and make sure you cut accordingly so it doesn’t look messy.


Step Five: Turn the piece over, and glue on ribbons to both sides of your necklace base Beggar Raising. Again, repeat drying and book-pressing process.


And you’re done Download kakaotalk emoji pc! Here are some other samples of rhinestone bib necklaces I’ve made:


It’s super easy; and the possibilities are endless. Try it out for yourself!