We’re well aware of them, everyone has most probably heard about them, but how well do they actually work? I’ve rounded up some of my favourite unconventional beauty products in which I believe gives the best results.

1. Percy & Reed London Radiance Revealing Invisible Dry Shampoo, Available at Sephora


I can’t stress enough just how much I hate dry shampoo – it makes my hair feel dry and the powder usually makes my dark hair look grey and clumpy. I’d have much rather braved the world with an oily head of hair than to try my luck with a bottle of dry shampoo, but all that had changed when I was introduced to Percy & Reed’s Invisible dry shampoo Austin Power. Made specially for people with darker hair, this amazing dry shampoo does wonders to refresh and degrease my oily mane.

2. Sephora Ultimate Oil-In-Gel Lipstick Remover


Everyone that uses lipstick in bold colours will know how awful it is having splotchy stained lips after a night out with the girls. I face this problem constantly and especially when it comes to eating oily food which always leaves my lipstick in a patchy ring of colour around the outer corner of my lips.

Sephora’s Lipstick remover is easy to use, gets the job done quickly and is completely odourless and colourless. It will leave your lips feeling and looking hydrated after each and every use jdk 1.8 zip 다운로드. And though it is only made available in a regular lipgloss sized container, a little of this will take you a long, long way!

3. Cutex Instant Jar Nail Polish Remover



Glitter nail polishes may look absolutely amazing, but when it’s time to remove it, that can be a huge pain in the butt. Am I right, or am I right? Luckily, I’ve found something that works wonders when it comes to removing stubborn manicures. The bottle contains a fluffy sponge soaked in acetone so that you can dip your finger in, soak it until the polish softens, and then twist and pull it out to reveal beautiful clean nails. You may have to repeat the steps a couple of times, but it sure makes removing the abrasive glitter a whole lot easier for everyone.

4 tts 음성 다운로드. Sephora Instant Nail & Cuticle Care With Camelia Oil



I have the problem of picking at my cuticles when they’re looking a little unnourished or flaky and that usually leaves me with wounded fingers (we all know how painful that can be). Since I started using this Instant nail and cuticle care from Sephora, my nails and cuticles look a lot more healthy and clean. And the best part, is that the bottle is really portable so you can take it anywhere with you so your fingers will always look great! I must warn you though, the formula is oily and will take some time to absorb completely.

5. Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray, Available at Sephora



I find that this dry conditioner is great for girls with a long mane, like myself Peer the Walking Dead Season 4. Since I don’t wash and condition my hair everyday to prevent hair fall, the tips of my hair can get pretty parched sometimes, and a quick spray down with Oscar Blandi’s dry conditioner gives it a quick hydrating boost and my hair feels softer and more manageable almost instantly.

6. Alterna Caviar Repair Split Ends Mend, Available at Sephora



Here’s an instant remedy for hair that looks parched, frizzy and in dire need of a good pampering. Although you should note that this is not a permanent cure and that you’ll still probably need to get a trim at the end of the day to fix them for good, the Caviar repair split ends mend seals up your split ends and gives your hair a smoother, healthier look and feel after just a couple of pumps 산돌고딕네오.

7. Baby Foot For Soft And Smooth Feet, Available at Sasa



If you want beautiful, soft, pink feet again, then this product has your name written all over it! I came across this product some time back and have been dying to try it out for myself. So, when I saw it at a Sasa outlet on promo, I immediately scooped it up into my basket and bought it.

Baby foot is an intense foot peel that gives you beautiful feet and can even help with minimising foot odour by removing the old, dead surface skin city car driving. It comes in two easy to slip on foot bags with a formula that you wear for about 30 minutes. After that, over the course of the next 2 days to 1 week, your feet will start to peel like crazy. It may appear slightly disgusting and you might want to wear closed toed shoes until the peeling period has passed, but you won’t regret a thing once you see the final outcome!

8. The Face Shop Modelling Gel Patch Goodbye Smile Fold



It might just be me, but I think I am slowly developing “smile folds” on my face Paladoc full version apk. I’ve tried anything that could help get rid of them, but aside from Clé De Peau’s mask, nothing else has really worked for me up until I found this baby at the Face Shop! It’s easy to slip on, feels cool on your face and even comes with cute instructions on how you can do “face yoga” to achieve better results by the end of your 20 minute mask.

9. The Face Shop Sharp Face Modelling Gel Patch



Initially, I tried this out as a joke, but ended up being quite surprised by the results 사운드클라우드 고음질. Even though it wasn’t anything too drastic, I could see that my chin did look less fleshy. The mask is easy to put on and fun to use, and also includes “face yoga” instructions for you to follow. But I’d suggest for long term results, if you’re willing to invest a little more money, just go and get yourself some Clarins Shaping Facial Lift.

10. Sephora Targeted Eye Remover Swabs


Got runny mascara or eyeliner that needs a quick fix 마인크래프트 0.10.4 apk 다운로드? Let me introduce to you the most simple and most amazing invention ever – Make-up remover in cotton swabs that you can carry around with you while on-the-go. Need I say more? You can also find make up remover swabs from Bioré and DHC!

11. The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Intensive Patch



Got a hot date tomorrow night and a budding pimple on your face that you simply must get rid of? The Face Shop’s Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive patch has got you covered! Just peel off one of the transparent stickers, paste it over your pimple and leave it on overnight Download subtitles for Miracle Valley. The very next day, the redness and pain will die down. I can’t say it’ll definitely work on huge acne, but it definitely worked on my stubborn stress pimples!

12. Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner, Available at all major Pharmacies, Drugstores and Hypermarkets



Finally, Nivea’s in-shower body moisturisers! Know what makes them so fantastic? Not only are they moisturisers that you can slather on while in the shower, but, they even act as a shaving cream! The cream keeps your skin soft and smooth after your shave and prolonged use could even help with in-growns by softening your skin in the long run!