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Alexander Wang as his own hype man at his own launch 일빵빵 스토리가 있는 영어회화? Alexander Wang breaking it down stage? Surprise performers Chris Lee and 2NE1? A pop-up store 2 days before the launch? All this went down at the Alexander Wang x H&M launch party in Shanghai last night Download Project Nim.


The coolest photo wall yet

We were driven from the hotel to the venue, a warehouse located in the heart of Shanghai Download Youtube 720p.  The driveway, with light and shadow casting vertical stripes felt like an allusion to a gridiron field, a subtle nod to Alexander Wang’s first active wear collection, perhaps Brolstasberg edition? Well we knew we were in for a fashion touchdown when we saw the photowall:


Gridiron or fancy lights?

First thing that you see is the pop-up store that was erected right past the entrance Wind of Blades. Built like a cage with lockers as shelves it was hard not feeling a bit competitive; silently sussing out the muscles and size of the people around you, just in case you needed to battle it out for the last pair of boxing gloves Sketch up 7 Hangul. (Which we did not get, alas.)


Large format screens playing the New York launch event video.

Most guests dressed to the theme of active lifestyle and head to toe black Download Macos iso. (Sorry, Anna Wintour). Celebrity appearances included Fan Bing Bing, 2NE1, Sunny Wang, Chris Lee, Jeffrey Kung, super models Emma Pei and Zhao Lei, and many more 세레브로. It read like a bevvy of tall leggy, beautiful people. (Stay tuned for our red carpet gallery – coming soon)


The Malaysian contingent mucking around at the photobooth – Jane Chuck, Rachel from H&M Malaysia and Dan from H&M Philippines.

We had the 9:30 pm shopping slot for the pop-up store; most of our time was spent gawping at how beautiful Sunny Wang is in person as well as discussing our shopping strategy Coldplay. Given that we got to shop 2 days before the collection is available in stores, each person was only limited to 5 pieces and 2 pieces per style.


Let the shopping games begin!

DJ J Blaze who also spun at the New York event made waiting easy with a playlist of classic Missy Elliot & Jay Z, we were getting super pumped 뭐라고!


DJ J Blaze

… 20 minutes FLEW by. We were a bit sad that the knitted dresses and boxing gloves were gone by the time we got into the cage, but we made off with some Swang! (See last picture).


Glo Sticks to wave around when people sing.

Alexander Wang took the stage as his own hype man (!) and summoned everyone to the stage to announce surprise performers 2NE1. You know, just Korea’s biggest girl band, 2NE1. Performing for us. No big deal. #STFU.


Alexander Wang as his own Hype Man!


Give it up for 2NE1!


Supergas kicks

A few songs later, drenched in silver confetti, our wallets empty and our livers complaining, we called it a night so we could all head back to …. file our stories. Hello 21st century journalism.


Our interim Editor’s modest haul: 2 sports bras and reflective shorts. Pictured here with the event door gift, TEAM WANG mesh jersey and waterproof drawstring bag.

Overall the collection was impressive. We’ve never seen this level of excitement over a H&M designer collaboration, fulfilling the goal for both Alexander Wang and H&M to create unpretentious, elevated clothing for the active woman. If this is their vision of a modern woman – active, fit, utilitarian with a bit of sass, then sign us up. Move aside, thinspiration and make way for fitspiration. It’s going to be big.

Read what Alexander Wang had to say about this collaboration.

The Alexander Wang x H&M collection drops this Friday, 6th November at H&M Avenue K and H&M Lot 10. Browse the full collection at the H&M site. 


1. The sizes for the active wear run very small. Our editor is a Size 32 at H&M but needed a Size 36 for the sports bras. Take 2 sizes up from your normal size.