For those who may have seen Kuah Jenhan on stage at any one of the previous MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) comedy shows, the first thing that grabs at your attention before he opens his mouth are his shoes. Showpieces in their own right, the amount of care and cultivation this proud fan of Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers (he has nine pairs to call his own) puts in his shoe closet is but an indication of his greater wardrobe sensibilities Open source. We gave his comedic skills a day off and put the spotlight on his style that’s rife with Beatle-mania and a fond appreciation of detailed streetwear.

Kuah Jenhan, stand-up comedian

Hugo Boss suit jacket, Club Monaco white shirt, Philosphy floral vest, tie from Asos and Dr Denim jeans.

Who is your style icon 하프라이프2?
Sometimes I like John Hamm, Pharrell Williams, and Jeremy Scott. Most times, A&W’s The Great Root Bear because if he’s welcomed in society without any pants, he’s an icon in my eyes!

I will never be caught dead in …
Australia. Their dollar is just too strong right now to hold a funeral there. However, I will never want to be seen in shirts that: are too tight, too big, or have random printed words that don’t make sense Download the egov file. Also, loose socks.

I splurge on …
Jackets, suits, shoes, socks, Adidas, The Beatles memorabilia, medium-rare steak, cheese, sashimi, movies, music, vacations, education, souvenirs, and putting on a great show for my audience.

Hugo Boss suit jacket, Club Monaco white shirt, Philosphy floral vest and tie from Asos.

Socks from Lazy Oaf and Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes.

Amidst the Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers lie Y3 for Adidas as well as Vans sneakers.

For his birthday, Jenhan’s relative made fondant Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes for his cake.

I skimp on …
Gym fees, social skills, and self esteem Download phonesky.apk.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.
Make, Sure, Nice!

What are your personal style rules?
Don’t overkill with too many feature pieces, and always be mindful not to accidentally tuck your shirt into your underwear. If you’re doing it on purpose, a good tip would be to grow out your nose hair as distraction Download Magic Lantern.

What is your most treasured possession?
An acrylic painting of John Lennon I did on the 22nd of April 2009. And of late, Ninja, my cat!

A mint copy of the original Rolling Stone magazine featuring John Lennon that was taken on the day he was shot.

When are you at your happiest Pmbok 5th?
When I find out how my shows have affected people and when my online shopping delivery arrives as scheduled.

What is your beauty regime?
Ah! I adopt the hipster-logic when it comes to beauty regimes. Sparingly exercise, rinse with water, towel dry, have faith. I’m not regretfully bad at it, its just that regimes are too… mainstream 마리오카트8 디럭스 다운로드. Haha!

What is your favourite scent / smell?
Bois d’Argent by Christian Dior.

Tailor made jacket from Phuket, Coupe Cousu shirt from Actually KL and Boss Orange jeans and Ninja, his cat.

Collection of watches which includes Nixon, Jeremy Scott for Swatch and Marc Jacobs.

Yay or Nay? Online dating.
Yay for me. It is the natural progression of socialising. Back in the days, before Facebook, there was only one book, the Telephone Book Windows 7 ServicePack 1. In order to call the girl you like, you needed to find the name her house phone is registered under. Most of the time it would be her father’s name. Hence the importance of ‘main nama bapa’!

I hate it when a woman ….
Spends too much time making up her face and not her mind 유료 음악.

I love it when a woman …
– is driven and passionate about what she does, or at least her hobby.
– confidently flirts.
– don’t ask me for free tickets to my shows.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas jacket, Local Celebrity t-shirt, Moschino jeans, Underground UK creepers, Le Specs sunnies and Happy Socks.

What’s currently playing on your iPod 미국 저작권?
Nujabes when I’m chilling, soundtracks from various musicals, and She & Him.

My idea of a perfect holiday is …
One where I can enjoy chilly weather in a city busy enough for me to spend all day at a coffee shop observing behaviors and overhearing conversations. The idea of a perfect holiday must come hand in hand with the luxury of freedom and time. Doing nothing at home is very different from doing nothing elsewhere.

What’s in your bag?

Macbook Pro 17″, iPad, Native Union phone handle, Macbook Pro charger, wallet, Archie Grand notebook, pen and dispoable chopsticks.

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Photography by Sharina Shahrin.