Zoé: Saveussaveus
Pronounced “save us”, this Aussie brand shocked us with their playful pastel dog prints Download music from your phone. The collection was edgy and chic, offset by the pastels and kooky prints. The runway mostly consisted of modern street inspired pieces with overall loose silhouettes. aos.

Stephanie: Sean and Sheila
seanandsheila copyIt doesn’t take much to know that designers Sean and Sheila drew inspiration from traditional Japanese culture for this collection; the use of luxurious lush fabrics and traditional Japanese embroidery says it all Download HelloPet. The duo took it up a notch by throwing metal eyelets into the mix and though this is the second time during KLFW that I’ve witnessed designers using this hardware, I prefer Sean and Sheila’s take Arder Christmas Dubbing. The placement as well as the functionality of the eyelets won me over. 2-in-1, at it’s best.

Kathryn: Hatta Dolmat


Hatta Dolmat showcased a collection that remains minimal in silhouette with a balance of unique prints and clean-cut detailing 이미지 j. What made me love this presentation overall? Beetles! I adore them – detailed beetle printed garments strutted down the runway in attractive powder pastel colours for both men and women 23rd edition of The Detective Conan Theater. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly fall harder in love with this collection, I heard that a percentage of the profits made from its sales will be donated to the Johor Cancer Foundation 이클립스 스탠다드. Brilliant fashion for a good cause? Yes, please.

Emma: Eclipse

SO MUCH YES FOR SONNY SAN!! 오메가 루비! #eclipsebysonnysan #springsummer2016 #klfwrtw2015 #ticxklfw

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Eclipse was the biggest surprise for me this year, and Zoé and I had a small tussle as to who would get to write it up. Sonny San completely knocked it out of the park with this one – sophisticated and sexy but with an edge that we haven’t seen at Eclipse for a while Download Tumblr audio. My favourites were the pyjama-style jumpsuits, but also the shimmering tasseled bags, the boho lace up sandals and the backless printed gowns. Oh and the liquid sequins overlaid with iridescent pleats 하원기가의 일족. And the tassels. Basically everything.


Image credit: Tongue in Chic, aimehasan