On 15 April, the Kejara system of awarding Demerit points for traffic offences officially became enforceable. Although there is a two-week grace period for motorists, it would be wise to know how to KEJARA properly Download the eclipse.

Some of us passed our driver’s license exam a long time ago and have been driving alongside errant, impatient and careless drivers for that long Download the scoreboard. We may have picked up some bad habits such as disregarding speed limits, running red lights and generally trying to outdo everyone else on our personal drag racing sprees – amirite Download the gwangmyeong flat? Holler!

So, this is an earnest attempt by the authorities to change behaviour on the road through a system that lets errant motorists feel the pinch – whether they are rich or poor black Gothic font. They can no longer get by on the attitude of “oh, I will just pay the fine”

What changes in behaviour would help you drive more safely on the road 주간 아이돌?


Speeding and running red lights are the major causes of accidents on the road. Changing your frame of mind about trying to “beat traffic” and adopting a more sensible approach to safety – such as actually slowing on the amber light and stopping on the red light – will help you as a motorist to accept the reality of driving in the city: the only thing you are trying to beat is time Download The Hockney Movie.

Adopt a zen attitude about driving – leave home earlier, or be okay with disappointing the people waiting for you. After all, “Better Late, Than Never.” Also, apologise for your tardiness, or inform them ahead of time Download the on-screen keyboard. If it means you get there in one piece, it’s okay to be late. Be safe.


Nor is texting or trying to get the music just right on your equaliser Download Rapunzel ost. Stop somewhere out of the way to do that.

Also, the system will be enforceable with the use of traffic cameras only, at first. Specifically, AES (Automated Enforcement System) cameras are set up to catch speeders and red light runners 맥북 포토샵 크랙 다운로드. This implies that at some point in the future, traffic officers may be able to award demerit points.

There isn’t a better time than now to start practising the good behaviour and make it a habit Download sketch-up furniture.

If this sensible approach is too much of a lifestyle change for you, then maybe approaching the issue with the mindset of a gamer is more to your liking!

The KEJARA system rewards rule-breaking with a demerit “award” system: break a rule and you score a certain amount of points. YAY!

Let’s play a game of “Take My License, Please!”


At every 20 consecutive points until you reach 60 points, there are various incremental punishments involving warnings, or the suspension of your driver’s license for certain periods of time.

If you have your license suspended 3 times within the span of 5 years, you hit the jackpot! You will officially have your license revoked – which is how you win the game of “Take My License, Please!”



One thing to know is: once you receive your score, that score stays in place for TWO YEARS and accumulates along with other points you get awarded. This is a great way to give yourself a lead if you are determined to with this game of “Take My License, Please!” If you are extra diligent, you could lose your license within 2 years – you don’t have to wait to fill out the 5-year limit!

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