Juliana Evans first made her tv appearance at the age of 12, and fast-forward 17 years and countless of shows later, she’s still fun, friendly and full of life. She recently made an appearance at the launch of AW LAB’s flagship store in Suria KLCC, where she was part of the four Celebrity Friends chosen by the brand to helm its campaign.

Despite her busy schedule, (to be quite honest, there were fans and other people trying to get her attention before we quickly got to her haha), we managed to have a quick chat with the gorgeous actress, TV host and model 대지진.

TiC: You recently celebrated your first year wedding anniversary. How’s married life so far?

Juliana: It’s been wonderful. We used to stay with my parents-in-law, and we just moved out a few weeks ago. The move itself was stressful, but it’s nice to actually have our own space. We’re still in the midst of decorating and settling down, and we’re having fun doing all that 이미지 클릭.

We’re currently surrounded by sneakers in AW LAB, so we must ask: sneakers or heels?

Definitely sneakers! I kind of dislike wearing heels. People around me just know that I don’t really wear heels, even when I’m invited to special events or parties. Honestly, I rather wear sneakers all the way!

But what about industry events, like red carpet events, where high heels are just a must-wear Download the label?

Yeah, for sure – I’d have to wear heels for red carpet events. But my manager would know that I’d be dying by the end of the event! I’d be like, “I need to go and change my shoes now!” After a while I’m no longer graceful, I just can’t walk properly anymore! *laughs*

So how many sneakers do you own?

I’ve never really counted them, but maybe, about 20 pairs. It’s kind of a growing amount now, as I’m working with a few cool sneakers brands, like Vans 회사소개서 ppt.

How do you choose your sneakers? Do you follow whatever is trendy?

No, not really. I’m into sneakers but I’m not really into following trends or hype. Oh, and I’m not the type who would queue or line up for a pair of sneakers, for sure! *laughs* So I basically choose whatever that catches my eye, or something that stands out.

Photo: @julianaevans

Which sneakers do you love from the AW LAB store juniper network 다운로드?

Too many! I’m already eyeing so many shoes, like those PUMA creepers and the fun Miley Cyrus sneakers. I like footwear that are unique, cute and colourful; something that makes a statement. Oh, I also love the glittery sneakers from Superga – you can see ‘em from a mile away!

Photo: @julianaevans

How about clothes – what’s your favourite thing in your closet is right now?

I would say my bomber jacket, it has this tiger on the back. I got it from a thrift store overseas, and it was quite an exciting find for me download jre 1.6!

Photo: @jevansjewelry

You started your own jewelry line – Jevans Jewelry. What are your inspirations behind the brand?

My jewelry collection is inspired from people around me. For example, people who take pride in their background, they inspired me to create a collection of signature state necklaces. These are right now available for Selangor, Johor and Pahang. A lot of people have also asked me about Sabah, so that will come in the very near future, too, and other states, of course Download Lilabada.

I also create jewelry that I would want to wear myself. I’m very much into natural and organic things, so my jewelry line contains natural stones like amethyst and quartz, which are interesting, irregular shaped stones

Photo: @jevansjewelry

Where can we purchase Jevans Jewelry?

I don’t have a stand-alone store, but we do have a Jevans Jewelry booth once a month, at different locations. You can also order the pieces on Instagram and follow updates there. I’m working on a website for the brand, and that’ll hopefully come out in the next few months.

Juliana wearing accessories from her jewelry line, Jevans Jewelry 사자에상. (Photo: @julianaevans)

What’s your one must-have accessory: necklace or earrings?

I’d say necklace, I always wear a necklace! Depending on my outfits, I would either go for statement necklaces that pop out, or a simple necklaces like Jevans Jewelry’s state necklace. It’s something simple yet unique that evokes interest.

Juliana in Kota Kinabalu, shooting for Fly Us To Asia.

Lastly, which TV or movie project will we be seeing you in soon 첫사랑?

My new movie called ‘Pulang’, directed by Kabir Batia, is coming out in July, I think, and I’m pretty excited about that.

I’m also hosting a travel program called Fly Us To Asia, which will be on RTM – that’s going to be public soon, too. I’m also starting to shoot a TV series for Astro – so I’m really happy to be busy!


Keep up with all things Juliana Evans on her Instagram, and check out her jewelry collection at @JevansJewelry gitlab 소스 다운로드.