In the heart of SS15, along the same road as Yuna’s boutique, IAmJetFuel, and Bunkface’s merchandise store/studio, BF Rockstation, there lies Joe’s Barbershop. Obviously, Malaysian celebrities have taken a liking to that street, and with Joe Flizzow’s latest business venture into the world of cuts and trims, the street is definitely the place to be these days 드라스틱 포켓몬스터 소울실버. As Flizzow puts it, “We’re bringing styles to the hood.


When asked about the philosophy of Joe’s Barbershop, Flizzow answered, “The philosophy is we specialise in cuts. In a sense that, there is a fine line between getting a normal haircut and getting lined up. You come in here and you get properly lined up with the latest fashion 패션왕. The latest cuts. Whatever’s hot in the barbershop, we’ll know. We are part of that world – the dopest barbers in the world.”


Besides the basic cuts, shaves and hot towels, you may want to try out its signature cuts, which are the pompadour, Flizzow Fade as well as the TMJ cut. The pompadour is a well known haircut amongst the in-crowd at the moment, whereas the Flizzow Fade is the ultimate signature of Joe’s Barbershop Download the mind map program. For those with beards and moustaches, the TMJ cut is well demanded. When asked what TMJ stands for, Joe replied “The Tengku Mahkota Johor cut. A lot of people with a full beard would come in and whisper. “Boleh tak, TMJ?” I think it’s pretty cool – he is a good looking military guy.”


The look and feel of the shop was inspired by Joe’s travels, which he designed by himself entirely 베인 글로리 안드로이드 다운로드. “To be honest, the first time I wanted to open my own barber shop was when I watched ‘Coming to America’. I watched it a million times. It’s my favourite movie of all time. The barbers were actually Eddie Murphy’s first friends when he got to America, and that’s what a barbershop should be – to give you that warmth origin 8 다운로드. Like, if you didn’t get to read the newspapers and don’t know who won yesterday’s game, your barber should know.”


At Joe’s Barbershop, one is able to purchase Suavecito pomade flown in from LA at RM58 a pop. This is a TiC pick for all you males out there who would like to try something other than gel and wax.



Damis has been Joe’s barber for a few years now Download the Korean broadcast. “I think Damis is actually the best barber in town. He’s also a graffiti artist – which is how I know him. If you know graffiti, you know that graffiti artists handling the spray commands technique … you need to be kinda like a kung fu master. You have to be very very precise with the cans and obviously, you have to be able to draw and design. Combining that with barber skills or cutting hair skills is obviously incredible Ug nx 10. I started cutting my hair with Damis. We started cutting hair for many celebrities that came down to Malaysia – DJs and rappers from all over the world. Every time celebrities have a show, they always want a cut before it. Even Russell Peters, before he did his comedy show here. A lot of people started using my barbers, and a lot of my friends cut their hair with Damis. I couldn’t even book my own appointments 유플러스 모바일! That’s when I thought, ‘There’s this market, obviously.'”



The clientele at Joe’s Barbershop ranges from the mere age of 3 years old to those in their prime at 70 years old. With a long list of celebrity clients, it is the place to get your hair done. Girls, if you have an undercut and would like to get a hair tattoo, this would be an ideal place to do just that 리브레 캐드 다운로드.


To achieve the best cut, the barbers use a straight razor. “This is what we use. This is what barbers use. That’s the difference [with other salons], they don’t know how to use a straight razor 대니쉬걸. Real men shave with blades. That’s the only way we can get the best precision to the very millimetre. I mean it takes a highly skilled barber to be able to use the straight razor, but we are equppied with some of the best equipment. For kids, we have smaller machines so we don’t use blades.”


Joe’s advice to all you guys out there would be, “A trip to the barbershop is the main priority, as well as smelling good.” To him, a presentable man is confidence. “One should try to always not just look good. Looking good is, for me, it’s about being confident. That’s the most important thing. Looks are subjective. Something good looking to one girl might not be the same for the next girl, but a confident man is always a confident man. With a good, fresh cut, and a good scent to him, you can’t go wrong.”

Joe’s Barbershop is located at 18-G, SS15/8B, Subang Jaya. Operation hours are from 11am to 11pm everyday, whereas the price range goes from RM20 to RM130. Behind Joe’s Barbershop is Joe’s Kitchen, which opened just this week. As they are interconnected, you can walk right into the restaurant after getting a fresh cut.

“We’ll be serving pizzas – the best pizzas in town. Pasta. The best pizza in town – we make our own dough and stuff. None of that frozen shit! Pizzas, pastas, sandwhiches – and also high premium coffee. We’ll be roasting our own beans and stuff. We’re gonna open officially on Monday. The pricing will be affordable. It won’t be expensive, like I said, Joe’s is for the community, we don’t want to tekan too much on the price.”

To keep up with Joe’s happenings, follow it on Twitter or Instagram, @joes47500.

Image credit: Rathika Sheila & Adzim Amlan