Upon arriving at My Apparel Zoo’s store launch in Publika, I was immediately greeted by the cheery smile of Ellie E Norman, the brand’s chief designer and founder, who then escorted me inside and handed me a goody bag before even beginning to take me around her new showroom 이지클린. During our conversation, she was full of life and extremely easy to get along with as she told me the story of how My Apparel Zoo came about. And so began my latest obsession New hymn mp3 free.


From its humble beginnings as a small online boutique with handpicked Southeast Asian-sourced items, My Apparel Zoo has now grown into a tangible retail store and has also given Ellie E the chance to add creative director to her job title, since she began heading a small team of tailors to create beautiful new designer collections – the first of which, she released at the launch of her new store Download the out-of-work journal form.


Ellie E also spoke fondly of her love for bold prints, “I have always been a very prints sort of person Download the unconfirmed video. I love all things colourful, which is why I chose African Angolan fabrics for my designs. The colours and shapes are unique and quirky, and it really does represent my sense of style.” A big reason as to why she began using African Angolan fabrics – which she likened to Batik prints for their bold colours and method of print – and their loud prints to complement her designs Picktail free.



With her collection, Ellie E plays on simple, structured silhouettes to complement the bright, eye-catching prints of her fabrics so as too not take away too much attention from it, as well as to prevent her designs from looking to cluttered and messy 영화 캐롤. The combination of silhouettes, calf-grazing hems, contrasting colours and geometrical prints give her collection a very cute ’60s vibe, which we definitely dig and each design is only produced in 3’s – S, M and L, making her pieces very much one-of-a-kind 자백 14! You won’t have to worry about fitting either, because if any of these dresses are too big or small, they’ll be more than happy to offer you the services of one of their tailors to alter any purchase you make from her designer collection, free of charge Download Hana Restaurant!


Though My Apparel Zoo is now concentrating on producing more beautiful designs from the talented miss Ellie E, it will also continue to bring in more items from across Asia, as she travels to bring a wider variety of pieces from dresses and skirts to blouses and printed clutches in womens’ fashion 이별계약!


My Apparel Zoo is located at B2-1-12 Publika, Solaris Dutamas No 콰이강의 다리. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL; and is open from 10:30AM – 6.30PM, from Monday to Saturday. For more information, email [email protected], follow the brand on Instagram at @myapparelzoo, or its creative director on Twitter and Instagram at @ellieenorman.

Image credit: courtesy of My Apparel Zoo