If you haven’t already heard, Collection cosmetics is now available in Malaysia! “Own It, Work It & Love It” – a brand brought to you all the way from the UK has now been stocked at all Watsons outlets and the products are ranged at affordable rates from only RM19.90 to RM35.90 간츠 o 다운로드.

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With intentions of bringing more colour to Malaysia, Collection Cosmetics presents a wide range of various products in a wide selection of shades and colours to choose from dongdong dongdong. Since the launch, we had been gifted a few items in which we have decided to review.

Collection Cosmetics Reviewed

1 리틀 드러머 걸 다운로드. Bright & Glow Compact Foundation | 2. Cover & Go Foundation & Concealer Duo | 3. Hotlights Lipgloss | 4. Shimmer Shades Blusher |

I started off testing the Bright & Glow compact foundation for a week Download the node js file. It is light, absorbs oil well, has above-average coverage and comes in a variety of shades including ones that are suitable for tanned skin. I continued to use this product for a while after the trial run especially when I was on the go as it was compact in size, easy to apply and kept the oil at bay for quite a while throughout the day Download the soyonyi tadpole feed.

Then I moved on to test the Cover & Go Foundation & Concealer Duo for a week. Honestly, if you tend to sweat easily on the face like I do, this may not be a number 1 choice, as in my experience it tends to drip off along with your sweat … which is not a good thing especially when you’re wearing white dog of the royal dog. It still worked during the night or in locations that had A/C – Plus, it’s kinda cool how the lid of the tube has concealer and a little mirror for you to apply touch ups on-the-go 센스톡 무료.

Next, the Hotlights Lipgloss, which is a fascinating product! As soon as you twist the lid off, LED lights turn on just under the lid which is super convenient for night outs as the focus of the light hits directly on the area of application Download the movie MyWay! The texture is not too creamy, not too sticky, and it comes a variety of six different natural shades from pale pinks to cherry reds.

Finally, I tested the Shimmer Shades blush Download the missing of Sen and Chihiro. I quite like this product – with one swipe of the brush in a circular motion, you pick up all four shades and once dusted onto your cheeks you instantly achieve a natural highlight and shadow – effortless 클래시로얄 프렌즈!

All in all, the products are affordable, great for students and youngsters on-the-go and are easily accessible. It’s not every day that you find products brought in from UK priced at student rates in Malaysia, which is why it’s always refreshing to see more of them make their way into the market.

On another note, Collection Cosmetics has a special line up for you to try this for this coming Raya! So drop by any Watsons outlet and check out what they have in store for you!

For more information, visit its website and Facebook page.

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