Photo shoots, music videos, movies, competitions, TV shows, and weddings;  the question, what exactly Teyn Nash does is best answered by this – what hasn’t she done? – for the list for the former question would be a near endless one.

Having touched the faces of music artists like Noh Salleh and Diandra Arjunaidi as well as been a part of theater productions like ‘Lat Kampung Boy’ and ‘Cuci: The Musical’, this make-up artist’s star has been on the rise since 2010 White-handed. In between all that, she adds her deft touch to major magazines like Cosmopolitan, Prestige and Seventeen, and is the person behind many a blushing bride. Tongue in Chic sat down over coffee to discuss make-up, movie stars and the importance of social media.

Teyn Nash, 26, Make-up Artist


What’s your background story 크롬 pdf 바로?
My name is Fatin, but people call me Teyn. I’ve loved MAC products for a long time now, and wanted to work there as a make-up artist, but you need a diploma for that first. I remember asking a lot of MAC make-up artists for their opinion, and most recommended Diva Productions. So, I enrolled in 2009. But then after all that, I decided not to work at MAC, and instead, work on my own (laughs) Autocad 2018 free.

How did you first get into make-up?
I used to play around with my mum’s make-up as a kid. When I was 12, I appeared in The Sun for an article about how young teenagers were experimenting with make-up. Eyeshadow was and remains my favourite. I went through phases – like when I was 12, I loved purple. At 13, I loved lime green eyeshadow. These days, I stick to browns Download the dumpling cad.


What was your first job?
My first job was for an FHM shoot, I think it was the Girl Next Door Search. That would have been in 2010. I was still a junior in the make-up crew, and it was absolute havoc Austin Power. Diva sends its students every week to do make-up for publications like Seventeen and Sister, and also helps give contacts for backstage work in theatre productions.

What’s your greatest achievement so far?
I did a movie – ‘Lawak Ke Der 2’! I love Afdlin Shauki and Hans Isaac, and was lucky enough to do their make-up jdk 1.8 zip 다운로드. With Hujan as well, I was like a groupie back in 2007, and now I get to do their make-up. It’s nice like that. My goal is to travel outside of the country for jobs. I would like to go to Paris, New York, London – all the major fashion capitals of the world.


What advice would you give to someone looking to be a freelance make-up artist tts 음성 다운로드?
I think people have to be quite smart about promoting themselves through social media. I have a friend who didn’t have much confidence in her skills, but I encouraged her to publish her work and get it out there. Once she did, she gained lots of followers, and it really helped customer base. Be proactive. Always update your blog, and if you don’t have one – create one Peer the Walking Dead Season 4!

Do you see yourself venturing into the popular field of YouTube make-up tutorials?
I can’t be in front of a camera. I just can’t. There’s sure to be lots of long pauses, because I get so nervous!


Do you have any celebrity beauty icons 산돌고딕네오?
Zooey Deschanel.

I splurge on …
Eyeshadow. I wear Nars Cordura and MAC Espresso every day.

I skimp on …
Brush cleansers.

Have you ever stepped out of the house without make-up city car driving?
Never! I always have at least some eyebrow pencil, mascara and lipstick on. The eyebrow pencil is a must for me – I prioritise that even more than mascara.

Find Teyn Nash at her website, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @yosoyteyn for updates.

Image credit: Karen Wong