Last week, we had the opportunity of meeting one of RMK’s international star talents. Nakayama Emi, being one of RMK’s few female make-up artists, told us how she devotes her abilities in bringing out the natural beauty of women, sharing advice on how women could layer less and wear their faces proud in accordance to their lifestyle. She also demonstrated two of her most popular and favoured looks – ‘Basic’ and ‘Party’.


Okay, let’s get down to the shimmer Work m16Server. How long have you been in the beauty industry?
I have been in the industry since I was 20 years old. So, it’s been about 14 years now.

What’s it like being one of the few female artists on the RMK team?
I believe as one of the few female artists on the team, I play a key role in teaching women how to wear their make-up, and bring out their natural beauty according to their lifestyles Naver Whale browser. I think the fact that I’m a woman, and that I understand how and when women like to get dolled up on a regular basis is important.

A bare face must be like a blank canvas for you. How do you know where to begin? And what are the facial features you pinpoint first?
I usually start with the eyes. When having a conversation, the eyes are the first features that link one another beep sound effects. Hence, I always love to make the eyes brighter in belief that the conversation will be more vibrant and interesting.

Care to share which routine step is most important to you?
When applying make-up, my main concept is to focus on bringing out a woman’s natural beauty. I believe make-up should be used as an enhancer rather than a concealer borland c++. My routine approach would be to leave the face as natural as possible, and focus on the eyes.

There’s always at least one item of make-up that women can’t bear to leave the house without. What’s your essential product?
I suppose every woman has their own preference. For me, my essential has to be mascara. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to highlight the eyes Download tvWorld!


I find difficulty in figuring out what my strongest features are. By just looking at me, can you pick them out?
Haha! You have quite a lot of beautiful features I can’t just pick one. After I saw you smile, the one feature that struck me most would be your cheeks as they make you appear more beautiful and cute Razer surround. It makes me want to create a very ‘chubby cheek’ look for you.

What exactly is it that inspires you before you begin creating a look?
Normally, I don’t just apply make-up at random. I observe the clients fashion and character before I approach the application – just to be certain they will like it 요세미티 dmg. It’s an individual’s character that inspires their look; the application of make-up should definitely vary with their mood, fashion and personalities.

It’s a known fact that all make-up artists have their little secrets. Do you have any tips that you can share with us? One that could benefit every woman 요로나의 저주?
I would say that my strongest technique and tip for all women would be curling the eyelashes. I suggest that all women curl their eyelashes to achieve bigger and brighter eyes.


Do you have any advice on which RMK products women could use to enhance their favourite/best features office 2016 다운로드?
Yes, I would recommend the RMK liquid foundations. We have a creamy gel foundation and a lighter creamy foundation. As I mentioned earlier, RMK loves to create a natural look and these foundations, while light, they provide great coverage. They consist of a very high water content so that’s how we can create a very translucent and natural look. All you have to do is lightly brush on a thin layer and make sure it’s smoothed well Download Venture Tycoon.

What would you say is RMK’s must have product for girls-on-the-go? 
I would have to recommend RMK’s primers. These primers come in various tints of colours that fill pores and also act as a light foundation. So if you happen to be in a rush and don’t have time for foundation and concealer, you can simply apply one of these primers and you’re good to go.


Fortunately for me, I had Nakayama Emi demonstrate her favoured looks on myself. You’d be pretty impressed with the before and after shots.
BasicStep1After cleansing and applying basic coverage, Nakayama Emi started to demonstrate her ‘Basic’ and ‘Party’ looks.

basicstep2Final steps; adding on rosy cheeks and lips.


Nakayama’s bare face


Nakayama’s basic look


Nakayama’s party look

I think it’s safe to say, Nakayama Emi really knows her way around a face. I never thought I could look this great and feel this confident with such a thin layer of make-up on – Pretty darn impressive! The best advice I had received from her has to be – ‘You look your best when your skin is at its best. So, take good care of your skin before applying any form of make-up’. Time for me to stock up on RMK’s facial care products!

Image credit: Yuthika Peiris