You don’t know versatility until you’ve known Le Pliage, the everyday it bag from Jalan Bukit Bintang to Champs-Elysees. Most believe there isn’t a bag collection rendered complete without it. Which is probably why you’d be surrounded by its tanned handles at every turn. Today I’d like to know what you think Download thumbbody. Do you see bourgeois or grandeur at it’s popularity? Let’s observe and discuss its appeal, shall we?

Though readily accessible and (relatively) affordable, Longchamp in fact has more than 60 years of world renown and recognition under its belt for its fine-crafted leather goods. In 1948, when Jean Cassegrain inherited his family’s tobacco shop, he began crafting leather sheaths for smoking paraphernalia. His leather-covered pipes became so popularly exclusive, he renamed the store fittingly, then decided to venture into luxury leather Lord downloaded my peak.

In 1980, his son and the company’s current president, Philippe Cassegrain took the reins and began producing fashion accessories together with his grandson and the company’s current CEO, Jean Cassegrain.

In 1993, they developed Le Pliage (*Pliage is French for fold or bend)  Pyqt5 designer.

The Le Pliage line is a collection of vinyl travel bags with leather trimmed handles. Bags are spacious, completely weather-resistant and cleanable with water. Perfect for any everyday occasion! The leather accents make its practicality tasteful stl 파일 다운로드.

But its most distinctive feature is its ability to be folded up, then snapped closed into a travel size.

But while Le Pliage had the concept of a reusable shopper, it also had a distinctly simplistic elegance to it Download the nursery rhyme mr. It was also high customizable. 

You could get them in a myriad of colours, in a variety of different sizes and length in handles. Now, Le Pliage is terribly French; its design evokes a sense of class. Imagine granting consumers the freedom to personalize that. There was massive appeal for Le Pliage! It became a jetsetter’s excess baggage carry-on, a lover’s weekender bag, a housewife’s shopper, a student’s school bag, a fashionista’s status bag Download youtube video high definition. It was catered for everyone.

And of course, it also had Longchamp’s name to it. At surface level, Le Pliage was instantly recognizable for its workmanship. The knowing fashionista would understand it’s exclusivity. Each bag has a serial number, codes to denote where it was made (AA for France, AE for China, AB for Tunisia), and zips made by YKK that had a buckle of a horse logo that read Longchamp 1948 이사랑 mp3. Zips also have “45” for sizes S and M, and “5NO” for sizes L and XL embossed on it.

Treat a bag like a luxury good, and fashionistas will see it as one. It’s really as simple as that. Fashionistas would forgo affordable prices so long as a brand holds its nose up high. 

Once Longchamp had a posse of celebrities on their bandwagon, they were good to go Download the mame game. In the early 2000s, Kate Moss, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Ivanka Trump and the world fell head over heels for Le Pliage. In fact, apparently Jane Birkin actually preferred Longchamp over her namesake bag Download The Temptation of Wolves! I remember at the height of its trend, my mum would buy Le Pliage bags the same way she’d buy the same t-shirt in different colours.

The trend has longsince subsided, but Le Pliage continues as an everyday staply. Longchamp, however, keeps things fresh by featuring designers to play around with prints. Jeremy Scott currently holds that residence 빅풋주니어 더빙 다운로드.

While you can probably expect Le Pliage bag holders to dress like Rachel McAdams and Whitney Port below, you don’t neccessarily have to!

You could either use it as a stylish multi-purpose or gym bag like Francesca Sandford and Katie Holmes (because dumping heavy things in other luxury bags WILL ruin their shape)… 

Or match it in accordance to your personal style, ala Alexa Chung, Keke Lindgard and Kate Middleton! I personally liked tying a printed scarf to the handle (I was preppy in college)!

While you can’t deny it’s iconism, I’d like to know what you think of Le Pliage, dear reader! Are you a fan?



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