The past couple seasons have been all about print – to the point where solid colour blocks can’t cut it anymore, without a break of pattern Razer surround. Here’s a quick and easy way to update your manicures – dotted nail gradients! Wear them individually as a statement nail, or mix match them up 요세미티 dmg.

Things you’ll need:
+ Nail varnish in many colours!
+ Base and top coat
+ Aluminium foil
*Dotting Tool // make your own dotting tool with an eraser and sewing pins by poking ’em at both ends 요로나의 저주! TA-DAH!

Here are two ways to rock these dotted nails:

Option 1: As A Statement Nail


Step 1: Apply base coat office 2016 다운로드.


Step 2: Transfer some nail varnish onto the aluminum foil Download Venture Tycoon.


Step 3: Use a dotting tool (or a makeshift one) to randomly dot on the nail varnish onto your nails Smartshare.


Step 4: Use two to three colours for optimum swag 해피데스데이.


Option 2: ALL IN Automatic download on YouTube!


Step 5: Repeat steps three and four on the rest of your nail tips 주 타이쿤.


*Seal it with top coat and that’s it itunes windows! And it only takes 15 mins to complete this tutorial, max!