If you’re like me – I can never keep my white shoes looking white – might I suggest some dip dye shoes?

dip dye canvas shoes

what you need

Things you’ll need:
Pristine white shoes
+ Fabric Dye
+ Salt
+ Vaseline
+ Baking soda
+ Tooth Brush
+ A bucket


Step 1: Slather any rubber lining of shoes with a generous amount of Vaseline Download windows 7 update files. The Vaseline acts as a barrier between the lining and the dye, keeping your shoes looking clean and more importantly, less DIY-ey.  I find that some of the Vaseline gets dissolved or rubbed off during the process of dying the shoes, so don’t be stingy with the Vaseline dwg trueview 2015 다운로드. Once that is done, drench the entire shoe with water, just to get it damp. This will help give your shoes the much desired gradient look.


Step 2: To a bucket of hot water (anything above room temperature is fine), add a handful of salt tv팟 동영상 다운로드. The salt helps the makes it easier for the fabric to absorb dye (because science says so!).


Step 3: Now add in your fabric dye 스톤 영화. Don’t go over board with the dye at this stage – you will be adding more dye to the bath later on, to gradually increase the intensity of the gradient. A handy tip – If your dye is like mine, in a gluey paste form, it’s important to get all the clumps of dye dissolved or you’ll be stuck with patches of bright blue specks on your shoes Download the famous song of your memory.



Step 3: OK, on to the fun part vm웨어 10 다운로드! Dip the tips of the shoe vertically into the bath until about two-thirds of the shoe is immersed in the liquid. Let it soak in the bath for about 10-15 minutes 노트북 인강 다운로드. Next, take them out and hang them to dry vertically (I used a clothes hanger), while you add more dye to the bath. Repeat the process but only this time immersing less of the shoe in the bath so that it is darkest at the tip. Once you’re happy with the look of the shoe, give it a quick rinse until the water runs clear and let it dry completely 팟빵 앱.


Step 5: Your shoes are almost ready 남자의 자격 다운로드! Using a toothbrush and a pinch of baking soda, scrub away the coat of Vaseline.

Et voilà! You’ve got a pair of dip dyed shoes that’ll give your feet a pop of colour pspice 9 2.

dip dye shoes