Because we’re sure you’re familiar with this issue too, we thought we’d share our new-found solution – we couldn’t resist purchasing a top over its too-cute-to-pass motif, despite its shabby quality Download youtube videos from your phone. What to do? Hope that it’ll hold out after a single wearing? Not us! Here’s how we shifted the motif onto a base of better quality.

diy new top 2

Things you’ll need:
+ Your favourite motif
+ A new top
+ Fabric pin and thread + needle  (*if you have, using a sewing machine would save you a lot of time)

diy new top 3

Step 1: Place your motif onto the shirt to make sure it fits well before you start Download New West Organic 3.

diy new top 4

Step 2: Cut the motif out, leaving some allowance (for you to sew) and pin it down kodi apk 다운로드.

diy new top 5

Step 3: Stitch the sides (using a thread nearest to your motif colour) and sew it as neatly as possible airplay 다운로드.

diy new top

And there you have it – a quick, fail-proof solution to prolonging the lifespan of your favourite motifs 위대한 바빌론!