You’ve seen how much we love Shu Uemura‘s Shupette holiday collection and even our own little take on the cat eye using their eye and lip palette. The girls at Shu were kind enough to invite us over to their Mid Valley store for a quick makeover to show us some of their official day and night looks 재생중인 동영상.



1. After priming your skin with a quick moisturiser, base and foundation, and drawing in your eyebrows, run your finger across the Shupette silk cushion cheek blush in pink (available also in orange, RM100) and dab it across the apples of your cheeks making sure to blend outward 한컴타자연습 무료. Set it with a very thin layer of loose powder.

2. Then, using the eye-need shu liner in gala brown (RM75), draw a line close to your waterline that extends upward with a long tail.

3. Pat down the deep burgundy option from the shupette has-it-all eye and lip palette (RM350) onto the outer corner of your eye, very lightly blending down toward the middle of eye Download Tofu Yokai.

4. Using the same motion, pat down the lighter shade of pink from the lip and eye palette onto the front corner of the eye which will give you a sort of light to dark gradient. Go over the liner again with a black shadow and angle brush for a more precise line. Remember that the emphasis of this cat eye look sits on your liner so keep it as dramatic as you can 삼시세끼 산촌편 9회!

5. Take a fine brush, and draw a line with the deep burgundy shade from the palette that starts from the middle of your lower lash line that extends all the way up to meet the end of the flick on your upper lid.

6. To open up and brighten the eye, quickly brush some of the gold shadow from the palette on the inner corner of your lower lashline pdf pro 4.5. You can also use your finger to dab and blend out a little right in the centre of your eyelid in between the gradient (necessary for someone with flatter eyes like me).

7. Dust on a touch of their pampearl-me shimmer face power (RM140) as a highlighter across your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, and curl your eyelashes with the Shupette Eyelash curler (RM65) before applying on a layer of your favourite mascara House of Dead.

8. And finally, sweep on a fantastic, sweet pink colour onto your lips!




1. Again, after prepping and priming the face, applying foundation and drawing in your eyebrows, sweep on a quick eyeshadow base onto your lids and line your eye, extending the wing out 국민체조 음악 다운로드.

2. Pat on the dark blue eyeshadow option from the lip and cheek palette onto the outer corner of your eye in a shape that extends all the way to the crease in your lid, but also making sure to blend it out nicely.

3. Add on the medium blue shadow from the palette along the middle to the inner corners of your eyes and then, taking the lightest blue option, brush it down the middle of your eye, keeping close to the lash line Connorstone.

4. After highlighting your brow bone with the gold shimmery option, draw in a line using the eye-need shu pencil in midnight black (RM75) that extends all the way up to meet the flick on your eyelid.

5. Go over the upper lash line with the drawing pencil to give the illusion of fuller lashes before you curl your lashes and coat them in mascara Download Rosetta Stone.

6. Since it’s a night look and we were going all out, they added on a pair of very dramatic falsies that really made Kat’s eye pop!

7. Draw in your lip with the bold red lip option from the palette.

8. Finish by using the shimmer powder once more as a highlighter across the nose and cheeks, making sure to stay away from areas you wouldn’t want to bring emphasis to Download the Tegrak kernel.



There you have it, two looks, one extremely versatile lip and cheek palette. The palette also comes in separate smaller sets of three, the eye-need-shu trio (2 colours available, RM120 each) as well as the rouge bonbon fantasy trio (available in two colours, RM120) for those of you that want a piece of the lip and eye palette, but not the whole thing!



Image credit: Photos courtesy of Zoe Ng + Kat Rao