Care to update your boring standard manicures without too much hassle? What about extending the lifespan of a chipped nail colour? We’ve got the perfect four-step manicure to make your life that much easier 워킹데드 시즌6 전편. Popularised by the ever-gorgeous Dita Von Teese, the reverse french manicure (better known as the ‘half moon manicure’; most affectionately known as ‘the moonicure’) is all the rage right now, sure to turn more heads because it’s just that bit more interesting to look at Apache large file! We scoped the easiest way to do it – here’s how:

Things you will need:
+ Two nail polish shades of your choice (we used Burberry Nail Polish in Stone No.104 and Oxblood No.303)
+ Reinforcement rings
+ Top coat 


Step One: Coat nails in a layer of your base nail polish (the colour you want the crescents to be), and leave to dry 17 어게인 다운로드. TiC Tip: Leave this to dry overnight, because the nail polish tends to peel after the next step.


Step Two: Stick the reinforcement rings according to how big you want the crescents Download your iCloud photo library.


Step Three: Coat your nails in another two layers of the second nail polish colour, and leave to dry 왜란 종결 자.


Step Four: Peel off the reinforcement rings and add a layer of quick-dry top coat for a glossy, perfect finish Download the self-help form. Don’t worry if some of the nail polish peels off when you take off the reinforcement rings, just use your brush and dab on a little more before applying the top coat 격동명조 다운로드. TiC Tip: Try a mattifying top coat for an edgier finish!



Alright, off you go 큐브리드. Trot off, and take those nails to the bar!

Image credit: Kathryn Rao, Zoé Ng