Pineapple motifs are huge this season, as seen on Moschino Cheap & Chic’s S/S ’13 runway and off the shelves at H&M. Here’s an even cheaper and chic way to hop on the trend wagon 보더랜드 다운로드! Scroll down if you can handle this cuteness.

Things you’ll need:
+ Felt fabrics (yellow, green and brown/black)
+ Scissors
+ Earring backs
+ Adhesive

*You can print out our A4-size pineapple template here pskill 다운로드.


Step 1: Cut out all the shapes from the template Download pvsyst.


Step 2: Just for #1, glue two pieces of felt together for a thicker, stronger base Download The Witch's Love.


Step 3: Glue on #2 and start on the pineapple strips free hand, trimming then glueing them on a weaved format Download The King of Abu. Once you’re done, glue on #3, #4 then #5.



Step 4: Next, glue on the earring backs with a glue gun and you’re done Download nplayer YouTube!



*If you like you can stick on wiggle eyes too … To make them a zesty bunch of friends Download the listening assessment!