No matter the season, no matter which trends come and fade, florals will always be in fashion – without a doubt! There’s something about flowers that give off a soft, feminine and alluring look Download LogicWorks. That’s why we decided to incorporate that and dress up our nails, with this English rose nail art – reminiscent to that of a Liberty London print 지방쓰는법.


Things you will need:
+ Nail polish
+ Nail art brush

I created this basic, easy-to-follow template to refer to:


Step One: Paint your nails with a light base colour (I opted for white) Download lotto combination. It is recommended to always do two layers for the base.
Step Two: Start off blotching big dots. It shouldn’t be perfect circles, rather, messy instead 윈도우 스토어. You can use as many colours as you want – these will end up being your roses.
Step Three: Paint a small ‘U’ in the center of the blotch in white ios 백그라운드 다운로드. You can also use any light shade, so long as it contrasts with your rose base.
Step Four: Paint semi-circles around the outside of the ‘U’ 일러스트 2019. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect.
Step Five: Add tiny green flicks around the edges of your roses, for leaves.
Step Six: After it is fully dried, add a top coat and you’re done Cinefox!