K-beauty has taken the world by storm, and upon a recent press trip to Korea, courtesy of Laneige, we were fortunate to have a few beauty insiders break down all its components, tips and tricks. Taking 32-year-olds Song Hye Kyo and Han Ga In as specific references, we’re proud to show you exactly how to achieve the baby-faced baseline appeal of every Korean drama darling ace.ova 다운로드.


Let it be known, you don’t need fair skin to achieve the K-beauty look. The key component here is healthy, radiant skin. Great make-up should always start with good skin, and Laneige has a great hydrating skincare range to cover that Download the sheet music sea pdf. The steps that come after that are in fact, pretty minimal. First, the luminating base is applied to the T-zone and the apples of cheeks. Coverage is then applied only to troubleshoot uneven skin tone and blemishes – not to the entire face. At this stage, the skin might appear a little shiny, but that’s alright – the next step will mattify the areas necessary.


Next comes a little light diffusing, and thankfully, K-beauty pro techniques are straight forward Download OneDrive. Darker tones are used in the outer corners to mattify and draw light towards the centre of the face, whereass highlights are applied to the T-zone, brow bones and tips of chin to add radiance.


Not to be confused with dark eye circles, aegyo sal specifically refers to the slight puffiness of the lower eye-socket, which has to match the colour tone of skin pads 라이브러리 다운로드. The ultimate aegyo sal is found in laughing babies, which is the rationale for Korean women finding these little pockets of fat cute and a symbol of youth. Some resort to surgery, but there is a specific shading technique (read on below) to create the illusion of happiness without actually needing to smile nvm.


If anything, K-beauty techniques are well thought of, intricate, and finely detailed. Because eyebrows are a main component of framing the face, Korean women are careful not to over-groom theirs.

Scroll through images of the most popular actresses, and note one thing in common – the lower arch of their brows generally form a straight line. The reason for this is to subtract severity, and lend a slightly rough-around-the edges, child-like aspect to their eyebrows Download Zhang Deok-chul's Crust. It makes them seem more youthful and approachable. When drawing in brows, always flick the inner hairs upwards, then follow the natural direction of hair growth, moving outwards.


While the rest of the face is carefully sculpted to emit a youthful glow, the lips are a seductive pull – always luscious and plump, with a hint of reflective sheen 반칙왕 다운로드. Laneige’s offerings in particular are a local favourite, because they treat and intensely moisturise the lips, giving a visibly healthy effect in a range of neutral and statement pops.

A quick guide to current K-beauty trends: corals emit girl-next-door innocence, reds = city chic, fuschia provides K-Pop sass and magentas make for the ultimate striking statement vworld.


Step 1: Taking some Laneige BB Cushion on the puff, lightly tap it along the only places that require coverage. For that air-brushed finish, it’s important to dab, rather than rubbing the formula on.

Step 2: Introducing the ultimate K-beauty secret 크롬 확장프로그램 유튜브! The Professional Selection Blusher comprises a 5-shade gradient in pressed-powder format, designed to highlight, shade and bring texture into your flawless finish. Use the darkest tone in the outer corners of the face, underneath forehead, sidelines of nose, jaw line and cheek outlines to draw light to the centre of your face Download Naver Endrive. Apply the highlight on the T-zone, eye area, below the eyes, and tips of chin to add radiance. Brush blush onto the apples of cheeks, then tap on the remainder of product on your BB Cushion to make it appear like your glow comes from within.

Step 3: Aegyo Sal time! First, spread the base colour on the Multi Professional Shadow over the entire bottom lid. Taking the darkest shade on the quad, smile and draw a thin outline to the puffiness on your lower eye socket. Blend in, using the neutral shade. Apply a thin line of highlight to the lower lash line, inner corners of the eye and to the brow bone. Hello, bright eyes!

Step 4: First, follow the brow’s natural shape, then fill in the arch in the brow bone to lessen the severity of the shape. Using the screw provided in Laneige’s Brow Shaping Kit, brush the inner corners upward, then follow the strands of hair moving outwards. This’ll make the brow voluminous. If you find any strays along the way, it comes equipped with a pair of tweezers.

Step 5: Slick on some Volume Setting Mascara, for a rounder, wide-eyed effect.

Step 6: Laneige’s Serum Intense Lipstick is one of South Korea’s best-sellers, and with good reason. We’re talking ultra vibrancy, in a moisturising formula, giving lips a cushion-like soft, bouncy texture and effectively, plumping them too.

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Image credit: courtesy of Laneige, dtop10list