I used to fear wearing red lipstick until I mastered the application technique. For me, I have a thin upper lip and big lower lip so it was a bit tricky to apply until I got the hang of it 지방쓰는법. Here’s a snippet on how I do it.


Step #1:
Apply Burt’s Bees rejuvenating lip balm around lips Download lotto combination. Feel free to go over the natural lines of your lips.

Step #2:
Move on to applying a red lipstick of your choice. I used Maybeline’s Colour Show Lipstick 윈도우 스토어.

Step #3:
I have a thin upper lip, so when applying, I have to make sure that I balance the proportion of my upper lip with my lower lip ios 백그라운드 다운로드. This means I cross the line of my upper lip making it appear bigger and use a Q-tip to wipe off the excess in the corner of my lower lip so that it does not appear bigger than it already is 일러스트 2019.

And there you have it, bold lips!

Note: Don’t be afraid to cross the natural outline of your lip. Whether you have a bigger upper lip and smaller lower lip or vice versa, you can use the Q-tip to fix the proportions Cinefox.


Image credit: Zoé Ng