Last year was an important one for local ready-to-wear. In fact, it was pretty much only truly established last year – with the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, there were suddenly both emerging and established players, meeting halfway to paint a healthy landscape for local consumers to readily purchase and wear off-the-rack 사과박스.


If the wheels were set in motion in 2013, then Raya 2014 was the gauge for progress Download the suwon map. There was an abundance like never before for baju Raya online, taking shape in pre- and custom-orders, ready-to-wear and online-exclusives. It got a lot of us excited Download the movie Juon. I for one, purchased a pre-order Tsyahmi, an online-exclusive Diana Danielle x emel by Melinda Looi and a ready-to-wear My Apparel Zoo – on top of the baju Kedah I was having tailor-made for Raya this year 롤링 스카이 무료 다운로드. It’s funny, because I don’t even know if I’ll get invited to any open houses this year.

But now that all the shows have walked, all the collections released, most the orders confirmed and delivered, and social media rounds blasted – now that the dust has settled, and Raya is looming round the corner, are we satisfied with our Raya 2014 purchases Download youtube playlists? What can we all learn from this year’s testing ground, moving forward onto next year? Presenting a few case studies.





From the four case studies (the first of which, was obviously mine – I’ve decided to keep the rest anonymous, though out of good will, I should probably tell #3 and #4 to watch out for each other at upcoming kenduris), we can deduce that the strongest pull for shopping baju Raya online would be the design factor; though there’s still a long way to go in terms of the production quality and fit that comes thereafter Ms Office 2013 genuine.

The differing advice in particular though, is something we should each consider for next year’s purchases. Did you order your baju Raya online this year 천번을 불러도? And if so, what was your experience?

Image credit: Zalora, Tsyahmi, emelbyMelindaLooi, FashionValet