Moschino has been revealed to be H&M’s next designer collaboration, following the footsteps of other distinguished high-end brands such as Balmain, Comme des Garcons, Lanvin, and Kenzo Download WeatherBell.

The news was divulged live on digital screens at MOSCHINO’s annual party in Coachella, California, featuring model Gigi Hadid and the brand’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott 피망 섯다 아이폰. Both personalities were dressed in the first looks from the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection.

“I am so excited about MOSCHINO [tv] H&M 파티션. My life’s work has been to connect with people through fashion, and with this collaboration I’ll be able to reach more of my fans than I’ve ever had the ability to do,” said Jeremy Scott, Creative Director of Moschino 삼국지 2 리메이크.

L to R: Jeremy Scott, Ann-Sofie Johansson (Creative Advisor, H&M), Gigi Hadid.

The collaboration will see pieces for both women and men, accessories, and some surprises. “What I can promise is that, of course, there will be fun and colour and cartoons 킥애스2. Of course, we have to have cartoons!” said the designer in an interview Download Kingdom UnderFire Gold. “Like all my collections, it’s humour meets haute couture meets the street. That’s been a hallmark of my work for Moschino, and I want to continue to explore that with this collection 은하영웅전설4. For fans of the brand, it should feel a little like a greatest hits collection, but I promise it will still be new, still feel fresh, even as we include some winks, some hints from the past.”

Although the entire collection is yet to be disclosed, we do know that the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection will be available online and in selected stores worldwide from 8 November 2018 adobe flash. And from what we’ve experienced with H&M’s past designer collaborations, there’ll be a long line waiting in front of the store when the collection drops.