Going backless has never trended better, and we’re more often than ever, getting caught in the predicament of finding ways to wear it with a decent amount of comfort and support, without compromising the chic factor 키노트 테마. This little DIY’s going to give you a fantastic way around it. Here’s how to create a make-shift bralette – perfect for outfits with backless cut-outs alone.

Things you’ll need:
+ Strapless Bra
+ Elastic (can be black or any colour of choice)
+ Scissors
+ Needle and thread or a sewing machine


Step 1: Cut as closely enough to the ‘bone’ (hard part), leaving allowance to sew for a cleaner finish Download the HighCall app.


Step 2: Trace and cut the other side for a perfect match 디즈니 ost.


Step 3: Fold in the edges like so 핑클 루비.


Step 4: Once it’s all neat and dandy … sew a straight line on both sides – top to bottom with any stitch you know Download the subtitles for Notting Hill.


Step 5: Measure your back with the elastic around you and estimate your choice fit, then secure the sections with pin before sewing it memtest 다운로드.


Step 6: I sewed the elastic bands together with cross-stitches ‘X’ for a firmer hold at the sides 2018 Club Music.
*If you want straps, sew on to the front hook area. And you’re done!




Flaunt it, sister Download javascript files.