What an exhilarating past week we Malaysians just had, and most of us were glued on our phones, looking at all GE14-related news (yasss, we have the country’s first female deputy prime minister!) 한글이 야호 1.

In the midst of all the weekend excitement, some thoughtful Malaysians have managed to tear themselves away from the mobile screens and started cleaning up election banners and flags Download the subtitles for Toy Story 4.

These girls cleaned up in the city centre, PH volunteers collected all their campaign materials in Segambut, and one very creative person decided to take it to another level 유튜브 사운드. Meet Facebook user Stokin Wafiey, who reused the election flags and turned them into a gown Vandy and Inkmachine!

The post, of course, went viral 세에라. Maybe we should have a contest to see who comes up with the most creative ideas to repurpose all the election paraphernalia lying around, eh?