Season 2 of GLOW is premiers this week on Netflix, and initial reviews are aglow (hurr hurr) with positivity. According to CNN, it “shines brighter…with stronger performances”, while Collider calls it a “triumphant and joyous return” Chrome exe file.

In that spirit, we would like to pay tribute our very own gorgeous ladies wrestling…in Malaysian politics!


GLOW #1: Siti “The Kidnapper” Kasim


Credit: Malay Mail.


Not to be confused with Siti Kassim the Comorian politican (who would? – but the Minister of Employment, Labour, Vocational Training & Women’s Entrepreneurship (phew) is pretty badass herself), Siti Kasim is making the rounds in the news again 피싱 앱. This time, she was accused of kidnapping a client, an issue that has yet to be resolved, with the Malaysian Bar calling for a stop in the abuse of police powers.

For years now though, Siti has surely been a kidnapper of our hearts with her bold statements and antics, such as when she did this:





And when she organised this:



Credit: via SAYS


We’re happy to stay tuned in 더 바인딩 오브 아이작 애프터버스!


GLOW #2: Rafidah “Iron Lady” Aziz



The Iron Lady laid a series of spectacular smackdowns on BFM 89.9 in May about the former ruling government. Here are some of our favourites:


“I hate slogans, okay? … Anymore slogans, I want to vomit.”


[On the legacy of Tun Abdul Razak] “They’re so different 영화 좀비랜드. Not ‘like father like son’ at all…I wouldn’t say he tarnished his father’s reputation… His father’s good legacy will remain. His legacy is separate… It’s not fair, bringing in the name of Razak in the same breath of Najib.”


“Excuse me, which idiot said I was sacked?”


[On politicians being on board of companies using their position to increase the ease of doing business] “You’re talking to Rafidah Aziz right? So please don’t put me in the lump of idiots who are politicians who do that. I do not do that.”


[On women’s representation in government] “Let’s not talk about numbers, please 이지클린. Let’s talk about quality. And let’s not focus on gender. May the best person lead and do what it takes for the country.”


Listen to the full interview here.


GLOW #3: Nurul ‘Giant Slayer’ Izzah


Come on people – there’s more to a woman than who she is and isn’t married to, or what she wears, for that matter New hymn mp3 free. Cue collective eye roll at the first page of Google’s search results on Nurul Izzah:




While she has been in the spotlight for being a fierce supporter of her father’s rights, Nurul Izzah has been a strong and steady force in the Malaysian political scene. Let us not forget the giant slayer who defeated Wanita Umno’s Tan Sri Sharizat Jalil in GE12 and Datuk Seri Raja Nong Chik in GE13. More recently, she has been appointed as chairman of a committee where she is looking into helping the youth “get jobs or improve their entrepreneurial skills” Download the out-of-work journal form.


GLOW #4: Wan “Silk Glove” Azizah



Credit: Malaysia Today


This list would be incomplete without the mention of Malaysia’s first female deputy Prime Minister. She works tirelessly behind the scenes and has been one of the most composed politicians this country has seen (not that there’s a lot of competition!) Download the unconfirmed video. She’s the doer, and she sure gets things done, with her iconic one-gloved hand. For all our sakes, she, together with the rest of her family, set aside whatever differences they’ve had with Tun M for the greater good Picktail free. We can also rely on her to dispel rumours, set the record straight, and probably everyone else in the cabinet too!


GLOW #5: Maria “Wonder Woman” Chin


Credit: SCMP

A fresh yet familiar face in the political scene, Maria Chin was chairwoman of Bersih 2.0 for 5 years before stepping down to run as a parliamentary candidate under Pakatan Harapan. She subsequently beat Barisan Nasional and Gagasan Sejahtera hopefuls by a landslide – not bad for a first-timer!

However, the Wonder Woman’s eyes are set on goals beyond her party’s: with her encouraging criticism of Pakatan Harapan before their 100-day deadline is up and writing an impassioned plea for child marriages to stop 영화 캐롤.


GLOW #6: Ambiga “The Voice” Sreenevasan




Who’s on the other end of the long arm of the law? It’s human rights activist and lawyer Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan, who may or may not have been proposed as our country’s new Attorney General, or to lead the Election Commission.

In the midst of all the ‘he said, she said’, we can trust “The Voice” (of reason) to put everyone – and we mean everyone – in their place. PKR was not spared when they were publically bickering, with Dato’ Ambiga saying, “…this nonsense in PKR is unforgivable.” She is also one of the handful who hasn’t gone the easy route of vilifying Barisan Nasional, commenting that “a good opposition is as important as a good government.”

And finally, on certain quarters’ dissatisfaction with the idea of a non-Malay, non-Muslim Attorney General, she tweeted, “The concept of race and religion is so alien to choosing a professional one has confidence in. Does it matter when we need the best doctor or accountant?”



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