By: Mia Ledesma

Manicures are as important as a piece of jewelry for girls nowadays Download micropayments. In fact, they are an accessory, complementing our outfits and moods. Along with outfits, we tend to accessorize accordingly. But what happens if a particular nail polish colour you have on, totally clashes with a dress that you absolutely must wear Compare beyond 4?

Well, I’ve discovered an alternative to having beautiful coloured nails that suit your clothes as you please, and allows you to be fickle currency cop 다운로드!

Say hi to Aqmore. I discovered this new line of nail polish that offers an enormous variety of colors packaged in funky little bottles spss 체험판 다운로드. The best part is that it’s peel-off!

Aqmore peel-off nail polish contains mainly purified water and food pigments minus the toxic formulas such as toluene, xylene, formaldehyde etc Big Hero 6. etc. which all nail polish contains. Meeting both international SGS and FDA inspections, this means it’ll be less damaging to your nails.

The nail polish dries quickly and it can be removed in an instant without having to use remover, which also contains harmful chemicals that add more damage to your already weak nails 엑스컴 에너미 언노운.

Their product line consists of:

The Aqmore nail wash – cleans and moisturizes nails, and makes the colours last Heir.

The peel-off nail polish 디지몬 마스터즈.

Nail art glitter, to give it that extra sparkle 😉

Top coat – has a waterproof function to make your nails glaze and prevent chipping java se 6.

Nail Essence – applied on the edge and between fingers and nails for nourishment and protection 오늘의 연애.

Finally, a peel-off nail polish is in town. Now children, pregnant women and girls with damaged nails can enjoy the fun of having flashy nails! As for the ones who are fussy and fickle, here something that allows you to change colours every day if you wanted 😉

Nails aside, you can use it to decorate your possessions with smooth surfaces such as your mobile phone, digicam, MP3 player or laptop.

Tongue in Chic has 5 sets of Aqmore nail polish to give away! We’re making this easy so taking part is just at the touch of your fingertips.

All you have to do is add us on Facebook (yes, you have be friends with us first!) then write on your status display that you’d like Tongue in Chic to give you the Aqmore nail polish.

I.e. "Joyce really wants Tongue in Chic to give her the Aqmore nail polish!!!" or "Evevon will kick someone if Tongue in Chic doesn’t grant her Aqmore nail polish."

As long as "Tongue in Chic" and "Aqmore" is in the sentence, you’re in the runnning! Closing date is 11:59pm Sunday October 12th.


Aqmore is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. For more info, visit their website here. It is also available on